Jon Fitch vs Demian Maia Set For UFC 156!

Jon Fitch vs Mike Pierce

According to BloodyElbow, Demian Maia is set to compete against Jon Fitch. Demian Maia is stylistically the type of opponent that will produce entertaining results with Jon Fitch. Maia was last seen dominating and finishing Rick Story in a manner that no one has done before. He used a brutal neck crank for the finish, with blood gushing out of Story’s face, like a scene from a horror film.

On the same event, Jon Fitch had a great career performance, as he fought valiantly against the super tough Erick Silva. By the final minutes of the third frame, with Fitch in the mount position, raining down blow after blow, it was clear who the superior fighter was that night.

This is an excellent fight, it’s a winnable fight for both men too. Fitch is going to have to be in top form to beat Maia. Also, while I don’t think Maia can submit Fitch, he is sure to give Fitch a run for his money. Great matchmaking.

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