Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva at UFC 153

According to Ariel Helwani’s twitter, Jon Fitch and Erick Silva verbally agreed to fight at UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At this present time, the card is set to feature featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo vs Erik Koch, Quinton Jackson vs Glover Teixeira, Alan Belcher vs Vitor Belfort, and Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva. I seriously hope no one gets injured since this is a tremendous fight card.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Fitch since I admired that he was able to grind his way to being the 2nd best welterweight fighter in the world for many, many years. It wasn’t always aesthetically pleasing to watch, but it was effective. Also, I thought that he would usually have interesting or entertaining fights when the fighter actually brought something to the table like Pierce, Sanchez, Wilson and Penn. All those guys, as well as GSP and Hendricks, made their fights with Fitch memorable because they were able to bring some legitimate offensive output to attempt to counter Fitch’s attack. Erick Silva has that offensive output, he’s a great striker and a great submission grappler, as was evident in his last fight against Charlie Brennenman. So this is a great fight for both fighters, as it will test where they really are in the welterweight rankings. Is Erick Silva ready to deal with one of the best grinders in MMA history? Is Fitch going to be able to deal with what Silva brings to the table?

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