Ross Pearson defeats George Sotiropoulos

Ross Pearson defeated George Sotiropoulos via TKO (punches) at 0:41 of the third round.
Robert Whittaker defeated Brad Scott via unanimous decision.
Norman Parke defeated Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision.
Hector Lombard defeated Rousimar Palhares via TKO (punches) at 3:38 of the first round.
Chad Mendes defeated Yaotzin Meza via KO (punches) at 1:55 of the first round.
Joey Beltran defeated Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision.
Mike Pierce defeated Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision.
Benny Alloway defeated Manuel Rodriguez via KO (front kick and some punches) at 4:57 of the first round.
Mike Wilkinson defeated Brendan Loughnane via unanimous decision.
Cody Donovan defeated Nick Penne via TKO (punches) at 4:35 of the first round.

There was a time not too long ago, when people online, both fans and reporters were upset that Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis was a UFC title eliminator. Followers of the sport were arguing that George Sotiropoulos and Evan Dunham deserved the title shot, not some “unproven” WEC fighters. Now two years later, we live in a world where Benson Henderson is the reigning UFC lightweight champion and a great choice for 2012 “MMA Fighter of the Year”. We also have two WEC fighters, Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone facing each other in January for what could be a potential title shot. On the other hand, both Dunham and Sotiropoulos have had tough roads since then.

In what turned out to be a fun fight, Ross Pearson stopped George Sotiropoulos in round three, at 3:01 via TKO (punches). Pearson dropped Sotiropoulos in the first frame, it seemed like the finish was coming soon for the Australian. However, Sotiropoulos recovered and even took Pearson’s back. He attempted the rear naked choke, but Pearson defended well. In the 2nd frame, Sotiropoulos adjusted well enough and was defending Pearson’s punches for a good portion of the fight. He was landing a good jab, but Pearson dropped him again before the round came to an end. Finally, in the third round, Pearson scored the final knockdown of the evening and finished him via TKO.

It was a great performance by Ross Pearson, it seems that he might be better off competing at 155 lbs after all. Considering how deep and interesting the lightweight division is, I’m sure Pearson will have some great opponents to look forward to in 2013.

The other big fight of the evening was former Bellator titlist Hector Lombard fighting against leglock wildcard Rousimar Palhares. The fight stayed on its feet, and it was quickly finished by a Lombard blitz. Brutal knockdown, and some nasty punches on the ground to seal the deal. After the fight, Lombard said he would love to fight Michael Bisping. The polarizing British star is set to face Vitor Belfort in January. If he wins, a fight between Lombard and Bisping would be a great fight to make.

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