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When one door closes, another one opens and that seems to be the case with the Austin MMA scene. With Honorious hosting their event last December, Strike League Combat has emerged as the new promotion to fill that void and they plan to make a huge splash in the 512 combat scene. The promotion is making it’s debut at the HEB Cedar Center on April 8th and will host 10 scheduled fights that will be headlined by former UFC/Bellator fighter, Bubba McDaniel, taking on former Bellator fighter, Juan “El Toro” Torres in a clash of heavyweights. Will the cage be able to handle all the humanity for this fight? Show up on April 8th to find out!

Other notable fighters appearing on the premiere SL 1 will be Waylon Bronstrup, Garret Scott, and Sean Clements, all who have gone through the Honorious promotion at one point or another. This just shows that the foundation that was laid down by Honorious is being built upon for the delight of the fans but also the progression of the fighter’s careers.

Stay tuned for a full preview!


SL 1 Fight Card

Heavyweight (205-265)
UFC Fighter Bubba “The Menace” McDaniel (28-10) vs. Bellator Fighter Juan “El Toro” Torres (6-9)

Middleweight (185)
Luis Carter (2-2) vs. David Durant (Pro Debut, 4-2 amateur)

Welterweight (170)
Garrett Deaf Grappler Scott (2-0) vs. Ramiz Brahimaj (2-0)

Lightweight Bout (155)
Sean B. Clements (2-0) vs. Chip Cole (Debut)

Middleweight (185)
Stephen Glanville (Debut)  vs. Jhonoven Pati (1-1)

Flyweight (125)
Tim Guerra (Debut) vs. Jose El Guerrero Guerra (0-3)

Welterweight (170)
Jason Lightning Laubach-Lents (1-1) vs. Waylon The Bulldog Bronstrup (0-1)

Bantamweight (135)
Peter Caballero (1-1)  vs. Armando Villarreal (1-0)

Featherweight (145)
Kyle Neal (1-4) vs Joshua Hill

Lightweight Bout (155)
Philip Platt (1-2) vs. Shavaire Griggs (Debut)

source: Tapology

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