Floyd Mayweather Keeps Punking Manny Pacquiao and Pacquiao Keeps Ducking Mayweather

Look, I know the popular opinion is that Mayweather was doing a bit of ducking the last two years but that’s history. Today the roles are reversed with Pacman looking like the one hiding behind his promote and crazy excuses. Back when Mayweather was set to do time Pacquiao ‘s camp kept running their mouths how Money May didn’t want to fight and was using drug testing as a way to avoid the big money fight.

Well, now that the court system has stepped aside to let Mayweather keep his contractual obligation for a May 5th bout, the Pacquiao camp wants nothing to do with a Mayweather fight. First his camp said that Pacquiao needed time to recover from a cut he suffered from his last bout in November against Marquez. Then Bob Arum said to the Times that “June 9 would be perfect” when talking about the possibly of Pacman facing Mayweather. Maybe age is getting to Bob Arum and forgot that Mayweather will be going to jail on June 1. Oh, that Bobby.

Either way this hasn’t stopped Mayweather from going on social media outlets and issuing the challenge and calling Pacquiao a “Punk”.

I don’t know about you but those are fighting words where I come from. Mayweather is virtually putting his finger in the chest of Pacquiao and telling him he wants to fight him in front of the whole world. Check out the video below for more on the situation.

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