HBO Classics: Pacquiao vs Marquez II

Almost four years since their first fight, the two great rivals stepped into the ring for the second time. The knockdown in the 3rd round was a big moment in this fight, so Pacquiao deserved a 10-8 score for that round. However, I scored the fight seven rounds for Marquez, five rounds for Pacquiao. So that makes it an 114-113 score for Marquez, and it was another fight of the year candidate.

It was a close affair, the round to debate for most level-headed combat sports enthusiasts would be ninth frame. While razor close I awarded it to Marquez since I felt Marquez landed the more significant blows. Two judges gave it Pacquiao, one gave it to Marquez. Overall, stats wise, Marquez outlanded Pacquiao throughout the fight, proving to be the craftier boxing technician. Pacquiao was aggressive at times, did score a knockdown, but Marquez countered him brilliantly with his right hand and with well placed rib roasters. The judges thought otherwise, and awarded the fight to Pacquiao. At worst, Marquez is the equal to Pacquaio, at best he’s the more skilled technician.

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