Jim Lampley’s Wrap Up For Pacquiao vs Marquez IV

Jim Lampley did a fantastic job at wrapping up last weekends HBO PPV. Eloquent way of capturing the essence of what we saw that night.

“Juan Manuel Marquez has through the bulk of his career been one of the great victims of the subjected cruelty of life. Early in his career, over shadowed for years by his Mexican countrymen Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. Both of whom were seen as more spectacular fighters, more fun to watch. So he changed his style in mid-career, took more risks, became a little bit more of a boxer-puncher, more of a banger. Traded more. He got some unexpected knockdowns as a result from lesser fighters. But he kept biding his time and getting better. He’s the smartest counter puncher in boxing. He used it in three fights to bedevil Manny Pacquiao without ever getting a win. Yesterday he told us he would try harder for the knockout. And why shouldn’t he? For the latter part of his career, for the most time been the number three fighter in the world, in a sport in which the public recognized only two – Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. After tonight, they’ll recognized Juan Manuel Marquez. It was a thrilling victory for Marquez, regardless of which fighter you root for. Thanks very much for being with us, on this epic HBO PPV.”

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