Lucas Matthysse destroys Lamont Peterson

I thought Lucas Matthysse (34-2) was going to win on Saturday night. But I had no idea just how badly he was going to destroy Lamont Peterson. It’s one thing to dominate Mike Dallas Jr., it’s another thing to do that to the IBF titlist.

Peterson (31-2-1) started off well enough. He was trying to box and stay away from Matthysse’s power. But Matthysse got more comfortable and relaxed in the second round. Matthysse landed a left-hook near the forehead that caused Peterson to stumble to the mat. Initially I was confused, wondering if it was a trip. But the replayed showed that the punch really hurt Peterson.

In the third round, a brutal left hook sent Peterson crashing to the canvas. He looked out, completely out of his senses. Referee Steve Smoger gave him one more chance when Peterson barely beat the count. One more knockdown and Smoger had no choice but to stop the fight. This was Lucas Matthysse at his most dynamic.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m being a boxing hipster or like I’m trying to sound like I’m too cool for school. But I am more excited about the possibility of Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse than I am about a potential Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Canelo Alvarez fight. I would love to see the latter, but the former is far more appealing. I think it’s easy to see that Garcia-Matthysse would be more riveting and action-packed, at least I think so. If Garcia-Matthysse doesn’t get made, I’m going to be really disappointed. These are the two best junior-welterweights on the planet and they both fight for the same promotional entity. The fight needs to be made as soon as possible.

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