Mayweather’s Trial Gets Delayed and Pacquiao Ducks Out of a Potential May 5 Fight

I’m really starting to care less and less about this fight. Yes, I will end up buying it anyway since it will most likely be the biggest boxing fight of my lifetime but the fight has to happen first.

Mayweather was suppose to check himself into jail for 90 days today but the judge granted his legal team’s request of delaying the serving for 5 months. The delay allows Mayweather to keep his booked fight on May 5th. Mayweather will begin his sentence on June 1.

That’s great news for the Mayweather/Pacquiao, right?


Bob Arum says the Pac-Man will not fight Mayweather on May 5. Sounds like Arum is going back on his original stance of taking the May 5 date if Mayweather goes to jail.

“I don’t think it has any impact,” Arum said, upon learning of the ruling. “No impact at all. Manny isn’t going to be ready to fight until summertime. “Right now, we have no idea if he can go in May,” Arum explained. “He’s supposed to have his cut examined. I’m going over to speak with him regarding his future, and we can go from there.””

The cuts steam from Manny’s fight that he suffered from Marquez’s blows. I really have to question if cuts is the real reason they don’t want to take the May 5 bout. It’s like the boxing gods worked their magic on the judge so the fight could happen but once again fans are disappointing with one of the fighters ducking and dodging with excuses. The whole reason, I believe, Manny won was to preserve the big money match. Don’t tell me you don’t believe the same thing. I’ll call you a liar if you do but I will respect your opinion. Even if its a wrong one.

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