Interview with STFC Featherweight Champ Fabian Saldivar

STFC insider recently sat down with STFC Featherweight Champion to discuss his upcoming opponent, the recognition he’s received since becoming a title holder, reacting to being called out by Bustillos and he also talked about his hair.

One thing that was not discussed that I’ve been meaning to talk about, was the tremendous title run booking that STFC matchmaker, Raul Ramos, did with Saldivar. As an admirer of great booking, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of Ramos’ booking of Saldivar’s title run. Each opponent that was booked against Saldivar each had a shot to win and Saldivar effortlessly conquered all opponents to the path of the title. Ramos continues his great booking of Saldivar with Eduardo Bustillos who is undefeated and has a 100% finishing rate. An interesting take away from the interview is that Saldivar says he is very difficult to choke and Bustillos has finished all but one opponent with a guillotine choke.

February 27th can’t get here soon enough.


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