MMA Library – The time Igor Vovchanchyn knocked out Francisco Bueno.

Back in the 1990’s, Igor Vovchanchyn was considered to be one of the most feared NHB (no holds barred) heavyweights on the planet. Along with Bas Rutten and Maurice Smith, he was one of the first strikers to have success in that decade. This is after Igor had a no contest with Mark Kerr at PRIDE 7, which was documented in the great documentary The Smashing Machine. Igor originally thought he won but it was turned into a NC due to knees to the head of a grounded opponent being illegal.

So the fought Francisco Bueno at PRIDE 8, who was 2-0 at the time. It took Vovchanchyn only one minute and 23 seconds to finish off the overmatched Bueno.

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