The Daily Gotch Link Fest – 06/04 Justin Lawrence’s Highlight K.O, Chiesa Shaves Beard After Winning TUF, DREAM is Done and More

-Here is the highlight reel knockout that Justin Lawrence unleashed on Cofer’s face:

-After the loss of his father in the begining of the season and some back to back brutal beatings, Chiesa took home a motorcycle(which is a horrible gift for an athlete) and a nice see-through plaque for being the winner of the TUF finale. After words he shaved his beard.



-The payroll for TUF finale

-UFC fighters sitdown and talk about Jon Jones getting a DUI…no seriously, they did.

-Donald Cerrone is a true man and his story on fighting with intestinal issues for his fight with Jermey Stephens backs up that claim.

DREAM is no longer a going concern. Basically, its dead. Dead like Zed in Pulp Fiction. More on the situation.

Shane Mosley and Winky Wright throw in the towel on their career

-UFC cuts some talent after less than stellar performances

-Cyborg won her division at the BJJ World’s Championship and challenged the new MMA darling, Ronda Rousey to a match.

-Speaking of the World’s, here is a interesting way to win. I certainly don’t approve of it. Courtesy of F4W

There was a report from the BJJ world championships that during a match with Beneil Darlush and De’Alonzio Jackson, with Jackson up 4-2, the crowd did a countdown of the clock, as happens all the time. When one sounded, Darlush stopped fighting. According to the report, what he didn’t know is that the chant was from Team Lloyd Irvin, who Jackson fights for. The match still had ten seconds left and Jackson then took Darlush down and passed to side control to add to his score.

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