Alistair Overeem fails random drug test.

Ariel Helwani broke the news on twitter:

NSAC announces that Overeem tested pos. for elevated levels of test. last wk. He’ll need to appear before the commission to get licensed

This is really terrible news for the UFC. They don’t have many marquee level match-ups to headline PPV’s and this one was one of their best matches that was scheduled. It’s worth noting that I am really curious how the inner Zuffa circle views Overeem at this point. Overeem came into the company causing issues from the very start. First with the Nevada State commission, as Overeem avoided a drug test that put his fight with Brock Lesnar in jeopardy. Then, a few nights after he liverkicked the UFC’s biggest draw back to the WWE, he was accused by a woman of physical assault. Now he tests positive during a random drug test, thus cancelling the biggest heavyweight fight of the year with UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. Also, it has just been revealed that Dana White is “beyond pissed” about this.

So who’s going to fight Junior Dos Santos next?

The best option from the UFC side is Frank Mir, who is riding on a streak of wins that include Mirko Cro Cop, Roy Nelson and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. The UFC can even built a revenge storyline for a video promo, showing that Mir broke Nogueira’s arm, and that Dos Santos will vow revenge for his beloved mentor. Another choice would be Cain Velasquez, but I seriously doubt the UFC would give him a title shot after getting knocked out so easily by Dos Santos in a fight that does not warrant an immediate rematch.

The best options from Strikeforce are Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier. I seriously doubt those guys will be brought over before the Grand Prix is completed. Also, Barnett isn’t exactly beloved by Zuffa and Cormier is still unknown to a lot of people. Personally speaking, I would really love to see Josh Barnett get a title shot and face a top five heavyweight in JDS. But the most likely option is still Frank Mir. He is Joe Silva’s boy, and he’s the highest ranked UFC heavyweight that is currently on a winning streak.


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