Here Are All The Details of the Upcoming UWF Tournament of Warriors

Here is the Full Press Release that was posted on TXMMA

UWF–Tournament of Warriors
This is Ultimate Warrior Fighting–Tournament of Warriors. This will be a dual tournament with eight, 155 pounders, and eight, 170 pounders with a grand prize of $25,000 for each weight division’s winner. Fighters need to send in resumes and any fight videos they may have, in order to be selected. All resumes need to be received by us no later than March 16, 2012. Only the most elite fighters will be selected. The chosen fighters will be announced shortly there after. A select few of the fighters may have the opportunity to be invited to appear at Bellator 62 in Laredo, TX on March 25 to be announced live!
Tournaments dates are: UWF II – Round of 16 – May 4, 2012 in Corpus Christi, TX; UWF III – Semi-finals – May 26, 2012 in Laredo, TX; UWF IV – Finale – June 30, 2012 in Hidalgo, TX.

Because this is a tournament, prize money will only be awarded to the winners of each weight division at the end of the tournament. However, to help with the cost of travel we are giving each fighter a stipend for each round. All other travel, training, and any other expenses are solely the responsibility of the fighter. UWF will also pay for the expense of 1 hotel room for 2 nights for each fighter, for each event they qualify to fight in.
Stipends are as follows:
Every Fighter chosen for the original 16 will receive $500 each when they show up for the first round of the tournament. The winners, who move on to the semi-finals, will receive $1,000 each when they show up for that event. The winners of the second round of the tournament will be in the Finals and will fight for $25,000. The losers of the finales of each weight class will receive an additional $1,500 stipend after the fight. The winners of the finales, of each weight class will receive $25,000 cash in a briefcase!! Additionally, the winners of each weight division will receive a belt and will be the first official 155 lb & 170 lb belt holders of UWF, with the opportunity to defend their belts at a later date.
All Texas Combative Sports rules are in effect.
The Tournament dates are set and will not be changed or moved to accommodate any fighter injured in their prior bout.
If the winning fighter is unable to fight in the next round of the tournament because of any injury the losing opponent from that match prior fight will take the injured fighters spot in the next round. (*Note: The promoter retains final say on all fighter substitutions.) If neither fighter is able to fight then the promoter will make a determination on the substitute fighter.
In the first 2 events of the tournament (UWF II & UWF III) NO elbows will be allowed. In the Finale (UWF IV) the “No elbows” rule will NOT apply.

Here is the breakdown if you don’t want to read through the release:

– This will be a dual tournament of (8) lightweights and (8) welterweights with each division fighting for a grand prize of $25,000 and be crowned the champions of the lightweight and welterweight divisions. The winner will be crowned June 30 in Hidalgo, Texas at the State Farm arena. I hope they can make the arena look at least decent in capacity cause filling 5000 seats is no easy feat.

-The first round of fighting which was scheduled on May 5 in Corpus Christi until Eduardo, the co-founder of The Gotch Special, brought up the competition that UWF will face on May 5. Eduardo pointed out the Mayweather fight and the free UFC on FOX show that will be happening on the same day which would hurt attendance. UWF listened to Eduardo’s advice and moved the show to May 4. A great move by the company and great sound advice from TGS’s own, Eduardo.

– Prize money will only be awarded to the winners of each division but the participants will not go without compensation. The release states that it will provide a stipend to all fighters for each round of fighting they endure. In addition to the by round stipend, UWF will also cover the expense of one hotel room for two nights for each event they qualify in.

-Fighters will be paid $500 up front for being selected and showing up to the first round of the tournament. The winner of the first round will then be given $1000 when they show up to the semi-finals. The semi-finals looked to be penciled in already and will be taking place in Laredo, Texas on May 26.

-No elbows will be allowed in tournament action with the exception of the finals.

– If you don’t care to watch the video the big news coming out of UWF is that they have struck a deal with Time Warner and will have the tournament broadcast live on the Texas Channel.


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