Jon Jones, You Absolutely Suck!

By now you have heard that UFC 151 has been cancelled because Dan Henderson suffered a torn MCL in training and was forced to withdraw from his scheduled contest against Jon “Bones” Jones. But that’s not the reason the event was canceled. When UFC brought a more than a formidable(at least financially) opponent to the table in Chael Sonnen, the fight was turned down by Jones because his trainer, Greg Jackson, didn’t think taking a fight on such short notice was good for Mr. Bones career.

Well you know what, Jones not taking the fight is bad for his career, Mr. Jackson. Chael didn’t even have a camp for this impromptu fight! Chael was even willing to sign over his purse for the fight. The way I see it, and many others, is that you screwed not only the fans out of a fight that was building since last week(now it makes sense why Sonnen lit up his pipebomb) but he’s also screwing all the undercard guys out of a damn payday that they deserve for busting their asses in preparation for their fights at UFC 151. To top it off, Jones would have probably made sustainability more fighting the Gangster from West Lin, Oregon if he would have taken the fight. Wasn’t Jones just bitching the other day about how he didn’t want a rematch with Machida cause it was his lowest draw of the year? Well guess who Jones is now set to face for UFC 152? Fuckin Lyoto Machida! The same dude he put on blast for not putting enough money into his bank account.

***UPDATE***Machida has turned down the fight against Jones.

I’ve never bought into the whole Jones bandwagon- I always saw him as a guy that was full of arrogance and thought he could do no wrong. Except drive under the influence. For the record, he’s lost two of the those battles. His talent is out of this world, his mindset isn’t and I think that will be his biggest drawback. Maybe its cause he got too much, too fast at such a young age? Maybe he just listens to whatever the bald MMA Jesus from Albuquerque says. Whatever it may be, he screwed the fans out of a refundable airfare, the fighters out of a payday and the promotion that helped him reach the heights he has reached. And for that I say,Jon Jones, You absolutely suck!

Now, some comments from Chael Sonnen on ESPN

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