No UFC on FOX in Mexico

In the past few years, since UFC 116 (Lesnar vs Carwin), I’ve been watching most UFC PPV events on Sky Mexico. First on TDN, then after the deal with Fox, on Fox Deportes.

However, these last few months have been upsetting to many MMA fans in Mexico. UFC analyst, commentator and columnist Mario Delgado Davila broke the news on his twitter, UFC on Fox (Benson Henderson vs Nathan Diaz) will not be airing in Mexico this weekend.

This is the 3rd time this year that this has happened. First time was Jones vs Belfort, second time was GSP vs Condit, and now this is the third time. All the other Fox cards have aired in Mexico, this will be a first for the Fox series of events. The soft spoken, jiu-jitsu loving commentator assures us that Dos Santos vs Velasquez will air in Mexico and that the Fox card will be available on the UFC website.

We don’t have any answers whether showing certain major fights in Mexico is a call from UFC or Fox Deportes. There were several changes in the transition from TDN to Fox, and now it seems like the days of UFC airing all PPV’s and Fox cards for free on Sky Mexico are a thing of the past. This is very disappointing news for our MMA friends in Mexico.


I originally mentioned that the Fox card would be available on the UFC website for fans from Mexico, but what I didn’t know was that you had to pay to view that card on the internet in Mexico. So I just wanted to put that information out there.

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