Strikeforce – Rockhold vs Jardine Thoughts

Photo Credit - Las Vegas Sun

Seems like which each passing week we’ll have some MMA to write about, so let’s relive the main card of this past weekends Strikeforce event.

  • I thought Tarec Saffiedine was going to easily beat Tyler Stinson, and I was totally wrong. Saffiedine still proved to be the better fighter at the end of the night, using effective takedowns and ground and pound to seal the deal, but Stinson was a punch or two away from turning Saffiedine’s lights out in the first round. It was nice to see Saffiedine recollect himself in the second and third rounds to take the fight. Nothing special as a fight though, it was decent at best.
  • I forgot who said it, but I heard someone say that Tyron Woodley’s performance was what people imagine Jon Fitch performances to be. Say what you want about Fitch, but I’ve seen Fitch pass guard, mount, take the back, and at least try to strike his opponents when he’s on them. So what I’m trying to say is that Woodley made Fitch look like Rumina Sato. Woodley barely even attempted to throw any strikes when on top, he was just content to be lying on top of Jordan Mein. Woodley won but it was a truly boring fight.
  • Lorenz Larkin was destroyed by King Mo, it was probably the highlight of the evening. Nasty and brutal ground and pound, that was stopped a bit too late by referee Kim Winslow. Mo’s wrestling is just really great and his power strikes on the ground were punishing. I’m excited to see who King Mo fights next. I really wish he could fight UFC talent but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
  • It was a nice win for Robbie Lawler, not much to say other than that.
  • Luke Rockhold looked awesome against Keith Jardine. I mean, sure it’s a past his prime Jardine at a totally different weight class, but Rockhold still styled all over him. That spinning back kick he landed on Jardine was really violent stuff. Also, when Rockhold sensed it was over, he went for the kill and it was brutal and precise stuff. Awesome win for Rockhold.

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