Strikeforce – Rousey vs Kaufman Thoughts

  • Rousey is a very special athlete. Watching her close the distance with those jabs, get the clinch, work for different takedowns before eventually getting the trip/sweep (which is apparently called ko uchi gari in Judo) was a thing of beauty. She instantly got the mount after the ko uchi gari and went for the armbar in razor quick fashion. Awesome finish. Kaufman is a really good fighter, great boxer and strong, yet she didn’t have anything for Rousey. She’s going to be remembered as a very special fighter.
  • Jacare is awesome. He’s clearly one of the very best middleweights in the world and he just destroyed Brunson. Jacare’s always been one of the best submission grapplers on the planet, a great judo and BJJ practioner. But he’s been developing into a great striker and this last fight showed how much he’s developed his technique.
  • Tarec Saffiedine has such clean and neat technique. Bowling was landing some good hard shots, but Saffiedine’s strikes were so precise and slick. Like Pat Miletich said, everything Saffiedience did had a reason to it. Happy to see Tarec get another win, he’s been impressing me since he almost derailed Woodley’s undefeated streak a while back.
  •  Anthony Smith looked so slick in there, it was a nice performance from him and I hope he gets a step up in competition.
  • OSP’s KO of Cook was horrifying~! So violent and brutal. Glad that the official didn’t stop it in the 1st, exciting fight with an absolutely brutal finish.
  • Miesha Tate vs Julie Kedzie was a total FOTYC! Great fight, Kedzie looked so awesome with her takedown defense and striking in the first. Then Tate took over in the 2nd with her exceptional grappling skills. Then finally Kedzie hit a brutal headkick, which I assumed was going to lead to Tate being finished. Yet Tate recovered and got a great armbar for the fantastic finish. Great, great fight and my pick for the fight of the night.

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