This is a great Bellator promo

Yes that’s Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler with Hulk Hogan. I hear Hogan is taking credit for how great the Alvarez-Chandler fight turned out to be…

I really love the concept and execution of this Bellator promo. I think it’s one of the better mixed martial arts promo’s I’ve seen. It goes over the Bellator philosophy, which is taking unknowns and making them into stars. A lot of non-UFC promotions try to use way past their prime fighters that used to be famous to garner attention. Bellator takes talented but unknown fighters from the¬†Midwest, from Brazil, from Europe and grooms them into their own stars.

The way this video explains that philosophy is through the rise of Michael Chander. This video does an awesome job at getting Chandler over to people that aren’t familiar with him. They show his best highlights, including his four round classic with former Bellator kingpin Eddie Alvarez. If you didn’t know who Chandler was before, you will know him after watching this video.

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