UFC 142 Thoughts

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  • Edson Barboza continues to look like a rising star with each fight he has inside the UFC. I was a huge fan of his striking style, and we all must thank him for producing the knockout of the year on the first UFC event of the year. I had Barboza winning the fight up until that point, I felt he was beating Etim to the punch and outstriking him. Etim’s a tough guy, but Barboza was just too technical, too fast, and too brilliant. Awesome finish, one of the greatest finishes I’ve ever seen in MMA. Instead of having Nate Diaz wait to fight the winner of Lauzon-Pettis like I originally wanted to, I want to see Nate Diaz vs Edson Barboza as a main event to a TV card. I would want it to be five rounds but it seems like UFC is saving five round non-title fights for PPV main events only.
  • Erick Silva got screwed over pretty bad. That was a terrible call my Mario Yamasaki. Silva’s a great prospect, that has a lot of potential and a bright future, so it sucks seeing him get screwed like that in his homeland. I like Prater, but it’s lame and embarrassing that he’s the winner even though he didn’t land one strike and all he did was get knocked out by Silva. I hope Marc Ratner does something about this. Maybe for the next Brazil card they can have Silva fight Mike Pyle, that fight would be really enjoyable.
  • Predictability is something that people think is a bad thing, and I think it’s more complex than that. Depending on the situation, predictability can be boring or it can sometimes be amazing. I thought it was predictable that Palhares was going to get a leglock, that doesn’t change the fact that it is awesome. If something is spectacular and you know before hand that it’s probably going to happen, it doesn’t change the fact that when it does happen, it is every bit as spectacular as you imagined it in your mind. Palhares goes after legs like Charlie Clark goes after 21 year old hot women. There is something really magnetic about Palhares, and his submission game is brutal stuff. I think most people would rather get knocked out than take a chance on a Palhares heel hook. I would want to see Palhares fight the winner of Bisping vs Maia. With Maia, it could be a great grappling match and with Bisping, he could really test how good Bisping’s grappling defense really is.  Until then, let’s on remember that Palhares is so awesome.
  • Those stand ups were questionable, but it was nice to see Vitor Belfort get the win. Nothing against Rumble personally, but it’s hard not to root for Belfort after all the times that Rumble has missed weight. Also, since Belfort was in his homeland that considers  him a major star, it was great to see him get the win over someone that a lot of people felt was being unprofessional. Happy for Vitor, it looks like he’ll fight Wanderlei Silva next in what could be a nasty KO win for Vitor. I have no idea what Rumble is going to do now that he’s cut from the UFC.
  • Jose Aldo looked like a star to finish off this great event. He looked like the WEC version of Jose Aldo that would just destroy and run through everyone put in front of him. While he did grab the cage at one point, he still displayed some amazing takedown defense. Dude is amazing, also the way he perfectly timed that knee was really precise stuff. Aldo’s use of defensive grappling and offensive striking is extraordinary stuff. His celebrating after with the fans is one of the great moments in UFC history, really sweet and endearing stuff. I hope UFC shows this fight as many times as possible on future fight compilation shows so that everyone that missed it can see why Aldo is so beloved by hardcore fans. Great ending to a great event.

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