UFC on FUEL 3 Thoughts

  • The Korean Zombie continues to deliver awesome moments every time he steps into the cage. I favored Jung going into the fight, and he delivered the goods. Jung took down Poirier in the first, did better on the ground (although Poirier did have a reversal in there) and Jung won the round based on damage on the ground. Jung hurt Poirier badly in the 2nd round, Poirier tried to take him down but Jung used his own momentum against him to get the mount. Jung then went for the kill, armbar’s and triangle chokes, transitioning back and forth between the two. Poirier eventually got top control, but Jung caught him again in a triangle choke off his back as Poirier pulled a Zack Morris and was saved by the bell. Poirier looked more competitive in the 3rd round, but I still scored it for Jung based on him hurting Poirier more with his strikes. The 4th round was amazing, Jung hit a nasty uppercut, flying knee and choked Poirier out unconscious with a D’Arce choke. Magnificent performance from The Korean Zombie. Afterwards, he called out Jose Aldo. I think I would prefer to see Zombie get the title shot before Hatsu Hioki, even though Hioki has a longer winning streak. It would be nice to see Jose Aldo (after he likely beats Koch) fight Zombie and then Hioki. I mean, I would rather not see a Zombie vs Hioki title eliminator since it eliminates one from a title shot and we don’t have many title challengers at 145 lbs. Awesome Zombie performance, I hope he continues to build more of a following. Thanks to his nickname, charisma, and fighting style, he can become an even bigger cult favorite. Fight of the year candidate.
  • Jorge Lopez fought here at STFC in McAllen back in November 2010. I don’t remember a single thing about that fight, and I won’t remember a single thing about this fight either (it didn’t even deserve to be on the main card).  Sadollah is a nice guy and he can throw some nice kicks if his opponent just stands there, that’s the best thing I can say about him. I scored the fight for Sadollah, but this was a bad fight and Cerrone-Stephens are much higher level fighters that deserved the co-main event status.
  • Donald Cerrone dominated and completely had his way with Jeremy Stephens. I know a lot of people have said that Pettis-Stephens could have gone either way, but I thought Pettis was clearly the winner there (despite it being more competitive that I anticipated). But Cerrone destroyed Stephens badly with really high level MMA kickboxing. Awesome Cerrone performance, although I wish he could have put him away (which is easier said than done). I find it funny though that Cerrone’s biggest mistake was going for a double leg just to show he could (or to get more points), and that’s where Stephens did his most damage with elbows that cut Cerrone up on two separate areas.
  • Jabouin hit some awesome strikes in there against Jeff Hougland. I think he could have finished him more of his was a bit more patient or if he put more thought into his strikes on the ground. Still, a nice performance from Jabouin. Loved the spinning kicks. I would like to see him fight Brad Pickett at some point.
  • Maldonado got robbed against Pokrajac. The Croatian got the early takedown in Round 1, but Maldonado beat him up badly against the cage with his awesome boxing skills. Beautiful body shots and short punches from close range. Beautiful performance from Maldonado and Pokrajac was still landing some good punches and really hard knees from time to time. In terms of total strikes, Maldonado got 166 strikes to Pokrajac’s 64 strikes. In terms of significant strikes, Maldonado got 98 strikes while Pokrajac got 36 strikes. Robbery.
  • Lawlor knocked out Jason MacDonald on his birthday. Good work from the old DVDVR poster.
  • LeVesseur was winning the fight and had his way before the new member of the 209 did what he did best – get his McKenzie-tine. Love seeing Cody McKenzie work his guillotine choke, so I was happy to see the fisherman win.
  • TJ Grant is one of the most underrated fun grapplers to watch. His striking is okay and all, but when he gets to the ground, it gets fun! Went for a nice crucifix and was totally dominating Prater on the ground. Good win for him. Would like to see him fight Yves Edwards, just for fun.
  • Rafael Dos Anjos is one of the most underrated 155 lbs fighters around, and he completely destroyed Kamal Shalorus. Nasty headkick and the technique he showed on the ground was beautiful stuff. I would totally dig a fight between Dos Anjos vs Matt Wiman or Mark Bocek.
  • Sad to see Jeff Curran go 1-7 in Zuffa owned promotions. Eduardo won the first two rounds with his striking and Curran finally started having things go his way in the 3rd round. But it was too late. I don’t think that was an eye poke in the 3rd round, it seemed like the thumb knuckle just went inside Eduardo’s eye, it was a clean fair punch. I hope Sean Shelby has it in his heart to give Curran one more shot.
  • Man, Rivera hurt Soto so badly all throughout that fight. Rivera looked good.
  • Match results can be found here.

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