STFC 24: Andrew Garza vs Joshua Trevino II


One of the featured attractions of STFC 24 will be a rematch of a STFC 23 slugfest. In their first fight, Andrew Garza blitzed Joshua Trevino with a fantastic offensive flurry to get the upper-hand in the early stages. Garza was throwing to kill. Trevino turned the tide by getting Garza in a clinch, and landing some dagger-like body shots. After they separated, they started swinging away, both men each hurting one another at different moments. Both guys looked hurt and tired at this point, yet Garza came back to land huge power strikes on Trevino. Then, in an incredibly bizzare moment, the 10-second clapper confused Trevino. He turned to the referee, thinking the fight was over and left himself wide open. Then Garza landed a huge bomb that knocked Trevino out at 2:55 of the first frame. When you’re a professional fighter, you should be able to tell the difference between a bell (signaling the end of a round) and a clapper (signaling that there are 10 seconds left). As the old saying goes, “protect yourself at all times”.

Now we have a rematch next Friday night at STFC 24, and if it’s anything like the first, we’re going to see two men try to kill one another. Be sure to make plans to join us at the McAllen Convention Center.

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