STFC 33 Results!


Saldivar retaining his title.



Flores wins his first title.


Quick Results:

STFC Texas Featherweight Championship: (c) Fabian Saldivar defeats Eduardo Bustillos via submission (triangle choke) at 2:00 in the second round.
STFC Texas Lightweight Championship:Luke Flores defeats Victor Martinez via submission (armbar) at 4:43 in the first round.
Juan Piña defeats Orlando Rodriguez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Robert Aguirre defeated Frank Hernandez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Michael Torres defeated Mike Bustos by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).
Nick Bella defeated Ricardo Rojas by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).
Julio Viramontes defeated Willis Woods via verbal submission (strikes) at 1:32 in the 2nd round.

The Gotch Special Awards:

TGS Fight of the Night: Saldivar vs Bustillos.
TGS Submission of the Night: Flores’ armbar of Martinez.
TGS KO of the Night: N/A.

Play by Play:

In the main event, Fabian Anthony Saldivar (Santa Rosa) defended his STFC Texas Featherweight Championship against challenger Eduardo Bustillos (Saltillo). Saldivar started things off with what could be best described as a Shawn Michaels’ “Sweet Chin Music”, or the Superkick. It actually stunned Bustillos, and lead it a wild back and forth scramble. Both back up, Saldivar gets a nice slam and he is now on top of Bustillos. In half-guard, Saldivar is trying to land good punches. Both get back up, when Saldivar goes forward, Bustillos tries to sneak in a guillotine choke. Saldivar pushes forward and gets on top of Bustillos on the ground. In half guard, Saldivar lands at least two really good punches. They both get back up, Bustillos lands a good knee to the body and punch on Saldivar. Saldivar comes back unleashing some great strikes, including one great uppercut. Really aggressive offense from Saldivar. Bustillos misses a pair of spinning back fists, and Saldivar goes in and clinches with him. After some space comes between both fighters, Saldivar hits a headkick. Then Saldivar lands a bodykick. When Saldivar goes for one more kick, Bustillos counters him. Saldivar goes down hard, and Bustillos swarms in with punches. Bustillos lands some hard punches on Saldivar, who is on the ground. Saldivar somehow recovers and Bustillos tries to lock a guillotine choke but gets put on his back. Saldivar is on top, landing good punches. Saldivar stands up, Bustillos is trying upkicks. Saldivar punches down hard and gets the mount. Saldivar takes his back and starts punching. Saldivar tries to get the rear-naked choke but can’t, so he starts punching away as the round closes.

The second round is about to start when it becomes apparent that Bustillos face is swelling up badly. Saldivar lands a bodykick and legkick. Saldivar appears to have slipped from that last kick and Bustillos gets on top of him. He lands some punches, then tries to sneak in a guillotine choke on Saldivar. He can’t get it in but hits a knee to Saldivar’s body. After a brief pause in action by the referee, the fight restarts with Saldivar landing a headkick and a big right hand. Saldivar hits a bodykick, then takes Bustillos down. Saldivar is in half-guard, passes to advance to mount and goes on a vicious onslaught of ground and pound. Saldivar transitions to side-control and continues landing big shots. Saldivar goes after Bustillos’ arm and gets in the armbar. But he can’t get the right angle and Bustillos isn’t tapping. When Bustillos tries to roll through, Saldivar transitions into a triangle choke. Bustillos tries to get out of it, but Saldivar goes with the flow and keeps it locked in until Bustillos taps out at 2:00 into the second round. Saldivar has retained his STFC Texas Featherweight Championship.

In the co-main event, Luke Flores (Mission) and Victor Martinez (Pharr) clashed to see who would walk out with the vacant STFC Texas Lightweight Championship. Flores lands one bodykick, then connects with a brutal second one that sends Martinez down. Flores gets the mount and transitions to being on Martinez’s back. Martinez is trying to punch Flores from that position. Flores is tying to sink his arm in for the rear-naked choke but Martinez is defending well. Flores throws some good elbows but Martinez reverses to get on top. Martinez is attempting to get his ground and pound going but Flores is doing good at tying him up. Flores is trying to set up an armbar but Martinez defends that well. A second attempt at the armbar by Flores gets shut down. Martinez tries to work over Flores with some punches and elbows. Flores tries a third armbar attempt but Martinez escapes. Flores has a high guard and attempts one last armbar. Martinez couldn’t escape this one and taps out at 4:43 of the first round. Flores is the new STFC Texas Lightweight Champion.

In a lightweight bout, Orly Rodriguez took on Juan Piña. Rodriguez goes in and uses a clinch to set up a takedown. Rodriguez gets mount but Piña reverses him. Rodriguez tries to reverse by taking Piña’s back but winds up underneath Piña again. Rodriguez tries to be active off his back, but eats some elbows. Rodriguez gets up and is going for a single leg when it appears that Piña lands a knee to the head of a downed opponent. Piña hits a big right, then tosses Rodriguez with a judo move. Piña has a headlock on the bottom, and Rodriguez tries to take Piña’s back but can’t. Piña lands some elbows to the back of Rodriguez’s head. Piña connects with some punches to the body. Both back up, Rodriguez tries to put Piña on his back but gets stuffed. Piña ends up on top and lands some elbows to the body, head and back of the head to end the round.

In the second round, Rodriguez hits a pair of bodykicks. Piña lands a punch when Rodriguez goes forward to clinch. Piña lands a knee to the body then grabs a headlock. He punches Rodriguez in the head and uses that headlock to take Rodriguez down. Piña is on top and Rodriguez tries to take the back again. Piña is landing punches while Rodriguez tries to set-up a triangle choke. Piña continues landing punches and Rodriguez tries an armbar but that doesn’t work. Piña lands a few good elbows on Rodriguez. They get back up, Rodriguez is attempting to get Piña down as the round ends.

In the third round, Piña lands a knee but then Rodriguez takes his back. Piña reverses and gets on top. Doesn’t do too much, but lands enough shots to control the rest of the round in this position as the fight comes to an end. All three judges had it 30-27 for Piña.

Robert Aguirre and Frank Hernandez took on one another in bantamweight action. Both came out quickly, exchanging kicks, and Hernandez nailing a takedown. Hernandez is in half guard, landing a few punches both upstairs and to the body. They come back up. Hernandez lands a legkick, but a punch by Aguirre connects. Aguirre with a legkick. Hernandez goes for a legkick, headkick but slips and Aguirre is now looking down at him. Aguirre lands a vicious legkick on Hernandez, who is lying down. Hernandez is tying upkicks but Aguirre looks to be in control. Hernandez hits a bodykick off his back. Hernandez gets back up and Aguirre hits another legkick. Nice punch-kick combination from Aguirre. Round ends with another legkick from Aguirre.

The second round begins with a punch and legkick from Aguirre. A bodykick and a pair of legkicks from Aguirre. Hernandez gets two bodykicks, but Aguirre answers back with another legkick. A legkick from Hernandez is countered by an Aguirre punch. Nice elbow and bodykick from Aguirre. They clinch up briefly but when they separate. Headkick, several punches and a legkick follow from Aguirre. Hernandez with a bodykick, but a left punch from Aguirre connects good. Legkick from Aguirre. Hernandez throws some punches to get inside and try a takedown but Aguirre escapes. Aguirre lands an elbow and legkick to end the round.

The third round opens with a headkick and legkick from Aguirre. A legkick from Hernandez is landed but not as hard as Aguirre’s legkicks. An exchange of strikes leaves Hernandez bleeding badly. Bodykick from Aguirre. Hernandez trying to rush in for a takedown but can’t get it. Legkick from Aguirre. Headkick, bodykick and elbow from Aguirre. Aguirre finishes really strong with a series of legkicks on Hernandez. All three judges had it 30-27 for Aguirre.

Michael Torres and Mike Bustos competed to see who would move up in the STFC welterweight division. Bustos comes in aggressive, landing hard knee after hard knee from the plum thai clinch. Hard elbows too. Just a wild barrage of knees and elbows. Torres appears to be hurt. Torres manages to escape Bustos’ clinch. They clinch near the cage for a bit until the referee separates them. Bodykick by Bustos that is answered back by a legkick and bodykick from Torres. Torres takes Bustos down with a slam, and is in half-guard. Torres tries to throw some punches but doesn’t land anything too significant.

In the second round, Bustos starts with a bodykick but Torres lands a huge right hand. Torres tries a takedown, leading to a scramble. Torres tries a guillotine choke, but both get back up. Bustos takes down Torres but Torres reverses and gets side-control. Bustos puts Torres back in his guard. Torres punches down, then stands up and throws one last punch before the bell sounds.

In the third round, Torres lands some good punches then hits what can be best described as an Arn Anderson spinebuster. Just a huge slam. Torres in is Bustos’ guard again, throwing punches, elbows and hammerfists. Bustos tries to push off the cage with his feet to get an armbar but Torres won’t allow it. They get back up, a brief exchange leads to Torres getting one last takedown against the cage. Torres defeats Bustos by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

In the second bout of the evening, flyweights Nick Bella and Ricardo Rojas came out swinging away. Rojas pushed forward and slammed Bella down. Bella was working a high guard, trying to set up an armbar or triangle from the bottom. He then tries for an oma plata but Rojas gets up. Rojas tries a diving punch, then Bella tries another armbar. Doesn’t get locked, and Rojas punches him again. They are both back up, Rojas tries to take him down and lands some knees as the round ends.

The second round begins with big punches from Rojas. Bella takes him down and gets half-guard. Rojas tries to get out, but Bella uses a front headlock to sweet Rojas back to his back. Bella throwing some hard elbows to Rojas’ head and body. He tries to pass Rojas’ guard but can’t. Bella gets up and throws kicks to Rojas’ legs. Both get back up and clinch. They both go to the ground with Rojas on top, but Bella gets behind Rojas, landing punches to end the round.

Bella starts up with a huge punch in the opening seconds of the third round. Rojas answers back with a knee and elbow. Bodykick by Bella. Spinning bodykick by Bella but Rojas takes him down. Bella has an active guard, but the referee stands them up. Spinning backfist backfires for Rojas as Bella takes him down. Then a scramble ensues with Bella ending up on top. Bella is landing a nice mix of strikes on top as the round comes to an end. Bella gets the unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

In the opening bout of the evening, light-heavyweights Julio Viramontes and Willis Woods were the first ones to step inside the STFC cage. Viramontes controlled most of the fight on the ground and secured a submission via strikes at 1:32 seconds of the first round.

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