STFC Announces Their First Boxing Show

stfc boxingYesterday afternoon STFC dropped some big news on Facebook with the announcement of their first boxing show for April 23. STFC has been a staple in South Texas MMA and is one of the most successful MMA promotions in the entire state of Texas(the gates and attendance prove it). STFC’s venture into boxing can be seen as a surprising move but given the huge boxing fan base in the Valley, it would be crazy not to dip their proverbial toe in the water. They will have some growing pains if they intend to be a force in boxing but it seems like now is the right time to “step in the ring”. NORD looks to be gone from the fight game after issuing fraudulent checks to fighters and TDLR officials at their event last year and Cavazos Boxing Promotions  is only running a show or two a year. Mario Davila is still around but currently they are focused on producing a amateur boxing show in Harlingen on April 9th.

The full details on STFC’s first boxing show are not fully known right now but the man who put Manny Pacquiao to sleep , Juan Manuel Marquez, will be in attendance for STFC’s inaugural boxing show. Also, Hall of Famer Nacho Beristain will have fighters featured on the card which will be a treat for all fans attending. No word yet if any local fighters will make an appearance on the card.

Stay tuned for information on this historic event.



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