The Impact of STFC



Ever since the announcement of STFC Boxing a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking of the impact the promotion has had in the valley. Before 2008, the only option fight fans had for combat entertainment was boxing. Granted there were a few NHB shows at the turn of the century but MMA wasn’t a consistent option for fight fans. The rise of MMA in 2005 certainly helped increase exposure to the sport and instead of going down the path of boxing, STFC went down the path less taken.

STFC Promoter, Dimas De Leon, and his team have done a great job of presenting a platform for local fighters to sharpen their craft. The promotion was the breeding ground for valley fighters to make the next step in their MMA careers. Names like Carlos Diego Ferreira, Frank Trevino, Goyito Perez and now Eli Urbina and Victor Martinez have all taken advantage of their opportunity that was presented to them to reach the big leagues such as UFC and Combate Americas. If not for STFC, many of these names might have not gotten that chance. Shoot, many media outlets such as this one wouldn’t have had the chance to exist if it weren’t for the presence of STFC.

With over 250 fights and 150 fighters in eight years De Leon’s STFC has created an opportunity for those with big MMA dreams that they have an opportunity to excel. The next chapter in STFC is an exciting one and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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