Fight Fans, Here is What You Should Be Watching This Weekend

So your girlfriend has decided to make it a girl’s night out and go wine tasting with friends. Your boys are busy taking care of their girlfriend’s needs and you are left stuck alone without nothing to do. Well, hell my man, I got the perfect cure to that boredom if you’re a fighting fan.

Starting in about an hour is a 3 hour(as listed by the TW Guide) block of 16 fights courtesy of UFC on FX for the season premiere of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Did I mention that it was live and most importantly free? Out of 32 UFC hopefuls, only 16 will get into the TUF house and be coached by either Dominick Cruz or Urijah Faber. These guys are fighting for a chance of a lifetime so expect a good show from a lot of hungry fighters.

While 32 guys are fighting in another state, Bellator is hosting is own MMA show that you can watch on MTV with Pat Curran trying to dethrone the feather weight Champ, Joe Warren. This should be a fun fight to watch so I would recommend changing the channel to MTV2 when this fight goes on.

With all this going on you would think all the action would be done for the weekend, right? Wrong, homeboy. Tomorrow the final fight of Mirko Crocop with be happening and that is something to go out of your way to see. Oh, you say you don’t know how to watch it? No problem, just head over to and go to the mixed martial section, click and enjoy. Will Cro Cop ride into the sunset with another head in his saddle to end his acclaimed career? Who knows but this K-1 fight should be one hell of a afternoon delight for fight fans.

And to end Saturday night is the rematch of the year that will be happening on showtime. Most people have been talking about Ortiz vs Berto rematch from last year but that fight takes a backseat to Orlando Salido returning to enemy terriorty to take on Juan Manual Lopez. Conincelldly enough, this fight happend an hour after the aforemention Ortiz/Berto fight on April 16. I’m telling you, if I can remember a date a fight happened it must have been one hell of a fight and both were but Lopez/Salido stole my heart. The story of Salido coming in as a huge underdog and into Lopez’s homeland of Puerto Rico to take out the champ in the 8th round. The audince in attendance was so upset with their own getting defeated on home land sparked a small riot that saw Al Bernstein get hit by a bottle. It was fantastic and I expect part 2 to be just as good. I just hope Gus Johnson is part of the commentary team cause no one does it like that man. He’s outstanding at his job!

So go stock up on some adult beverages or whatever you like to partake in, sit back and enjoy.

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