The Daily Gotch Special Link Fest- 5/31 Jones Mugshot, Who He Was With, Arianny’s Explanation for Kicking Her Older Boyfriend, Diaz Gets 300k and more

smilebones Credit to TMZ

Here is the mugshot of Jon Jones after he was arrested for DUI. Is it me or does he have a small smirk on his face?

Also, it was revealed by SI’s Loretta Hunt that Jones had 2 females with him in the car. Jones has a fiancée and has two daughters. The daughters were not the females Hunt revealed as shown by the except from Hunt’s article that can be read here.

Michelle L. Vojtisek and Cara Johnson, both 25, sustained cuts, bruises and swelling from the collision and were transported to Wilson Hospital for treatment, according to the report. Both air bags had been deployed during the crash.

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loverquarrelI know I don’t have a chance with Arianny, she likes ugly dudes.

Arianny Celeste explains to that she was only defending herself after her boyfriend showed up to a DeadMau5 video shoot intoxicated and showed “jealous rage” cause he didn’t want her to appear in the video. Maybe he prefers Kaskade over DeadMau5 but still no reason to choke someone. I’m kinda surprised no one has taught her how to defend her self. Uh.

Kammpann has some words for fellow headliner about tomorrow’s clash at TUF Finale.

In local news, Erik “EL GOYITO” Perez will also be making his UFC debut on the show in the first fight of the night that will air on Facebook. From everybody here at TGS, we wish you the best of luck!

Nick Diaz gets 300k to show up to a press conference. I’m sure a 20 sack would have gotten him there as well.

In some sad news, a fighter training was paralyzed from a double leg takedown. Video is below and story is here. This will certainly change up the way I approach my take downs.

Damage Control has a story on avoiding this type of injury here.

A disturbing story featuring a MMA fighter ripping the heart out of his friend after a bad trip.

Ex-ASU wrestler Anthony Robles to be inducted to the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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