The Greatest Russian MMA Battle Royal You’ll Ever See

The IFL had it all wrong with their format. If they would have just followed the way these mainly men approach the MMA team concept then they would have lasted longer than what they did.

The video is about 15 mins long but its a sight to see. The organization of the whole thing actually impressed the hell out of me. They combatants seem so respect towards one another with one of the opposing team members picking up a beanie and finding the owner. I was moved.

I don’t have any idea what they are saying but from what I gathered each battle royal fight is started with a one on one fight. The one on one fight can either be a striking affair or a grappling one. After a winner is declared then the teams can start kicking each others asses while a band provides a soundtrack for the ass beating. Its like musical fists fights cause they all stop, promptly I might add, when the music stops. Even the ref volunteers to get his ass kicked by each team.

Maybe Don Frye was right when he said the last real men are in Russia.

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