Was This Past Saturday’s Border Explosion Presented By Marines Promotions Worth It

I asked my girlfriend early last week what b-level type of show would she like to attend(read: where would you like to get drunk at) on Saturday. Her options were to go see the indoor football team, RGV Magic for $10 a pop, catch some baseball and see the Edinburg Roadrunners which would probably run about $6 a piece or go see some boxing for $28 each that was happening down the street. Her choice was to see some men punch each other in the face. That’s why I love her.

As a person who follows boxing on the regular I found myself to be emotionally detached from the event. I had no adrenaline running, I didn’t care how late we were running…I was just looking forward to pounding down a cold one to be honest. We pulled up to a 3/4 empty parking lot with two guys around one laptop browsing the internet on the free WiFi that is provided at the Mcallen Convention center. A typical occurrence such as the family/wedding/couple/self-indulgent portraits that are always happening around the convention center.

We walked into the boxing event which resembled more of a ghost town with empty sections as far as the eye can see. Maybe someone called in a bomb threat. The good news was that the line for drinks was non-existent and our primary purpose had initiated. Our drinks were being poured and the announcer read off the unanimous decision for Lyford’s own, Eric Molina. Molina needed to look impressive against the can that was kicked towards him and a decision didn’t do him any favors in climbing back up the (endless)title ladder.

Finding our seats was a easy task since most of the arena was empty. Any seat with the exception of the floor seats were open for the taking which we later took advantage of later in the show. We sat behind a camp of fighters that was with one of the boxer’s family. Two little boys that were almost as big as their dad proudly wore iron on tshirts in support of their personal hero who bounced one on his lap as the other kid talked to the boxer’s trainer. As that was happening I suppose one of the member’s of his camp got a little homesick and began to look at pictures of his youngin who didn’t come along for the ride. Moments like this reminded me that even though its a b-level type of show, the fighters and their camps were making huge sacrifices to live out a dream.

The only fight of delight was the underdog, Victor Sanchez, repeatedly dropping the 7-0 Jerry Guevara to earn him a unanimous decision victory over the unbeaten Brownsville native. We saw this fight from the other side of the arena because the guys behind us where we originally sat kept talking to each other about who is doing what and who is doing who, out of boredom I suppose. All the sections on the opposite of the hard camera were empty with the exception of a couple in the front. No one seem to mind either that we switched seats either which is a unwritten rule in the world of spectators. The golden rule being, if the fuckers don’t show up by a certain time then the seats are on the open market. If you come, they’ll move and tell you walking away that you should have gotten there earlier.

By the time Sanchez upset Guevara I was three beers deep, $15, and had enough of the event. It had no sizzle, the main event was cancelled due to one of the fighters being 20lbs overweight and my budget for the night was the one who really took the beating. All in all I spent around $90(tickets, nachos, and beverages) for a event that I should have never attended. The fights were mediocre, the atmosphere was dull and the beer was hot. I think its safe to say that this will be my last time I attend a Marines promoted boxing show.

Oh well, here is looking forward to the next event that will be housed at the McAllen Convention center which I have dubbed the Mcallen Combat Zone. Feel free to run with that and spread it like wild fire. Hope you stay tuned to my review of the upcoming STFC show on July 13.

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