Andre Ward mad on Twitter about Trout, Canelo, Cotto business triangle.

Last Saturday night, we saw Austin Trout defeat Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden. However, it’s come out that Golden Boy Promotions may still be interested in pursuing Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto. This does not sit well with several people, one of those being super middleweight titlist Andre Ward.

While his exclamation points may make his tweets a bit melodramatic, he just wants to see two great fighters fight one another and he would hate it if different factors play a role in him and the fans not seeing that fight.

It’s easy to see why Canelo, his team, and GBP would want to match him up with Cotto. It’s an easier fight for Canelo, and the Puerto Rican boxer’s name has more value to casual fans than Trout’s name. But it’ll paint Canelo and company in bad light if they don’t reward Trout for his most recent win. Especially if they go for an easier opponent that Trout just beat and the fact that Trout himself has publicly stated that he wants the clash with Canelo.

Also, Canelo vs Trout is a fight people would like to see. Here’s a tweet from pro wrestling and MMA reporter Dave Meltzer. He initially wasn’t going to watch the fight, but he liked the “All Access: Cotto vs Trout” show so much, he had to see it. He seems glad he did:

You can build Trout up as the man who put an end to Cotto’s MSG streak, the man who a lot of people weren’t giving a chance to, and how he proved those people wrong. You can say that Canelo is out to get revenge since Trout defeated Rigoberto Alvarez (Canelo’s brother). You can also hype Trout up as the toughest fight of Canelo’s young career, explaining how Trout is the real deal at 154 lbs. Showtime can make some great material like “All Access”, music videos and promos to let everyone know what a great fight Canelo vs Trout actually is. Sure, it won’t be as big as Canelo vs Cotto would have been, but you can’t go back in time and change that result. Also, Canelo already has a large following so there is “no doubt” (another cheap joke) in my mind that Canelo vs Trout will do business. If GBP, Cotto, and Canelo wanted the Canelo-Cotto fight so badly, they should have just gone ahead and done it before risking it by giving Trout that opportunity. But they did give Trout that opportunity, they probably overlooked him (as did I) and he made the most out of it in a great performance. While I won’t use as many exclamation points or hyperbolic statements as Ward, I feel the same way in this one particular case.

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