HBO Classics: Pacquiao vs Marquez I

This is the first fight with Pacquiao vs Marquez. First round is obviously a 10-6 (judge making a mistake not scoring it that caused the draw). Second frame was close, I gave it to Pacquiao this time but honestly it could have easily gone to Marquez. Overall, I gave Marquez seven rounds, and Pacquiao five rounds. There were a couple of rounds that were super close and difficult to score. If 10-10’s were more acceptable, they might have been scored that. Because of the 10-6 in the first stanza, on this recent viewing, I scored it 113-112 for Pacquiao. In the past, I’ve scored it for Marquez, and if I saw it again tomorrow, I might score it a draw or for Marquez yet again.

Pacquiao had that awesome offensive flurry in the first frame, but Marquez mostly outboxed him for large portions of the fight, snapping Pacquiao’s head back at times. Early on Pacquiao landed those nasty straight lefts that hurt Marquez, but Marquez adjusted to those strikes. Marquez also had some great rib roasters (body shots), although some were a bit low. Overall, a fight of the year candidate, and beautiful resilient performance from Marquez.

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