Canelo’s Brother Accused of Murder

Paletas y Canelo

It’s being reported in various Mexican media outlets that Canelo’s brother, Víctor Álvarez Barragán is accused of killing an 18-year-old named Enrique Gama Partida. The murder is said to have taken place in Juanacatlán.

The accused, goes by the alias “El Paletas”, and has a checkered history. In February, he was arrested due to having possession of an illegal weapon.

The family of Partida, came out with the news on Monday, saying that Partida, along with his brother and cousin, had an altercation with Barragán and several others. According to a report on, it led to a brawl. “El Paletas” is accused of returning back after the brawl and shooting Gama Partida in the chest.

It is doubtful that any of this will harm or play any role in Canelo’s career. Last year, it was reported that 108 lbs world champion Ulises “Archie” Solis got his jaw broken broken by Canelo in a street fight with a sucker punch. It was rumored to have been due to issues stemming from a woman coming between both prize fighters.  Canelo insisted it was his brother that got into an altercation with Solis but we never really got a clear answer. Solis has been MIA since then, has been stripped of his IBF junior flyweight crown due to not being able to defend it due to the injuries he suffered.

The bizzare case of the “154 lbs world champion vs 108 lbs world champion super street fight” seemed to have been largely forgotten and Canelo is now aiming for big fights in 2013 against the likes of superstar Miguel Cotto, middleweight titlist Sergio Martinez, and pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr.


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