Max Kellerman’s Thoughts on Pacquiao vs Marquez IV

Heartbroken after the judges awarded Pacquiao the fight, Marquez tries to find inner peace by using a sombrero as underwear.

Good hype video by HBO’s Max Kellerman as he discusses his thoughts on the three fights.

It amuses me when I hear people claim that “no one wants to see this fight”. This fight already sold 13,000 tickets on opening weekend, it’s sold more since then. Those were high price tickets too. Not only that, but the fight will likely do at least a 1,000,000 PPV buys and will probably exceed GSP vs Condit, Pacman vs Bradley and Silva vs Sonnen in PPV buys. I don’t think it’ll surpass Mayweather vs Cotto, but assuming this is the 2nd biggest combat sports PPV buyrate of the year, that’s pretty damn great. If it somehow surpasses Mayweather vs Cotto, that’s an extraordinary number. That’s not even including the television ratings this fight will draw in Mexico. If you don’t want to see this fight, that’s fine. I know people that don’t eat delicious hamburgers or mouth watering botanas, that’s their right. But don’t speak for everyone else and claim something as absurd as “no one wants to see this fight” cause all evidence and common sense indicate that opinion couldn’t be more wrong.

At the end of the day, both guys are pound for pound greats fighting in the ring. They bring out the best out of one another, so I’m looking forward to what will likely be the final showdown between these two legendary fighters.

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