Cavazos Boxing Friday Night Fights Quick Results- Casarez Goes Down, Torres Dominates


Even though the card was skimmed down to 5 fights for the event it was a solid turnout out(standing room only) for Cavazos Boxing promotions. And now for the results:

Jose Prado(Pro Debut) vs Ivan Ceron(1-3)- Prado came out on the attack earlier and never let up. Ceron just couldn’t find his rhyme and was put out by Ceron in the 2nd round at the 2:03 mark.

Roel Moreno Jr. (Pro Debut) vs Gilbert Cancino(1-7)- Moreno had a huge following for his pro debut and they never let down for one bit. The story of this fight was how sloppy of a slug fest it was and the dirty tactics each fighters were using. The ref had his hands full for this one. There was plenty of holding, cheap shots and looping punches but both fighters hung tough and fought their hearts out for the crowd. Cancino took the majority decision over Moreno.

Enrique Alvarez(2-0) vs Miguel Morales (0-7)- This was the fight of the night for me personally. It was technical tough fight for both fighters. there was plenty of hard exchanges that made the crowd go wild. Earlier in the 2nd round of the fight Morales was cut above his right eye by a jab but Morales was unfazed by it. True heart(I hate saying that but in this case I’m lost for a better saying) was shown by Morales. I think it even surprised Alavrez that he could knock him out. I think if Morales had a bit more in the gas tank he could have some damage to Alvarez. Alvarez was the one who got his arm raised at the end of the bout but for some reason I think the winless Morales won Alavrez respect with his strong chin and durability.

Isaac Torres (2-0-1) vs Hector Gutierrez(1-3)
Torres came out decked in Superman gear and it was quite apropos. The young Torres had his way with Gutierrez for four rounds and even knocked out Gutierrez down in the 2nd round. Gutierrez just couldn’t touch the speedy Torres. Torres by unanimous decision.

Raul “Tigre” Casarez (19-3) vs Raymond Gatica (11-1)
The hometown kid just couldn’t touch Gatica who was on a three year hitaus from the ring. From the opening bell Gatica was picking his target and nailing Casarez with ease. Gatica rocked Casarez’s body at the end of the 2nd round and barley managed to make the count. After this devasting bodyblow it was only a matter of time before Gatica found Casarez’s tender body for the knockout in the 4th round at the 1:07 mark of the fight.

Overall it was a very enjoyable show with no boring fights whatsoever.

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