STFC 36 Results

Nelson's KO.

Nelson’s KO.

Quick Results: 

Featherweight: Josh Montalvo defeated Fabian Saldivar via TKO (shoulder injury) at 2:53 in the fourth round.

Light-heavyweight: Allen Nelson defeated Emanuel Garza via TKO (punches) in the first round.

Lightweight: Victor Martinez defeated James King via TKO (punches) at 1:13 of the first round.

Welterweight: Raymond Banda defeated Travonne Hobbs via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Featherweight: Michael Rodriguez defeated Ruben Aguirre via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:36 of the first round.

Amateur: Zachary Farrington defeated James Tremble via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:36 of the first round.

Amateur: Juan Gonzalez defeated David Molina via submission (rear naked choke) at :51 of the second round.

TGS Awards:

TGS Fight of the Night: Montalvo vs Saldivar.

TGS KO of the Night: Allen Nelson.

TGS Submission of the Night: Michael Rodriguez.

Play by Play:

At the Edinburg Raceway, Santa Rosa’s Fabian Saldivar defended his STFC Texas Featherweight Championship against Josh Montalvo, of San Benito, on Saturday night. The fight is underway and Saldivar connects with a jab and a legkick. Montalvo lands a legkick and a couple of punches. Saldivar throws out a front kick. Great body shot from Saldivar, and he follows that up with a headkick. Montalvo lands some legkicks and a bodykick. Good body punch from Montalvo. Saldivar throws out a headkick that is blocked and a punch. Montalvo lands a big punch to counter Saldivar. Then hits a body punch and a big left. Legkick from Montalvo. When Saldivar tries a legkick, Montalvo counters with a hard punch that snaps Saldivar’s head back. Saldivar lands a great body punch. Montalvo returns the favor and lands a great body punch that appears to have hurt Saldivar. Saldivar throws out a headkick and Montalvo lands a legkick. Big overhand left from Montalvo. Frontkick from Saldivar. Montalvo lands a nice jab, then Saldivar hits a good punch but trips a few seconds after that. Montalvo gets on top, then side control. Saldivar scrambles from the bottom, and Montalvo stands up. Montalvo gets Saldivar’s ankle and Saldivar tries an enziguri, lands on his feet, and then lands a good body shot on Montalvo as the round closes.

Second stanza opens with a punch, bodykick and body punch from Saldivar. Legkick and a pair of headkicks are thrown out by Saldivar. He continues, with another legkick, bodykick and an uppercut. Montalvo unleashes a good combination that lands good and then follows up with an overhand right. Big left from Montalvo lands hard. Then a big body punch from Montalvo lands good. Montalvo lands a good right hand, and follows it up with a second one. Saldivar’s face is all bloodied up. Blood is pouring down Saldivar’s face. Montalvo lands several good punches from a pair of combinations he throws. Saldivar throws a kick that is below the belt and that stalls the action for a bit. Fight resumes and Montalvo throws a great counter, and a legkick. Saldivar tries a takedown but Montalvo gets on top of him. He is in Saldivar’s guard and appears to be thinking of going for a leglock. Montalvo lands some body shots from that position. Then gets on top of Saldivar and lands some good punches from on top. Saldivar is trying to sweep from the bottom, and appeared to be able to get on top as the round closes.

The third round starts with a band as a right hook from Saldivar hurts Montalvo and he goes down. Saldivar wants to go for the kill but Montalvo is back up. Hard knee from Saldivar, then Montalvo lands a good punch. Both fighters land good punches in an exchange. Montalvo goes for a sloppy takedown and Saldivar gets a guillotine choke. But Montalvo escapes and is now on top. Montalvo is landing some punches from on top. Saldivar is trying a guillotine from the bottom but can’t get it. Montalvo is trying to pass the guard. Good elbow from Montalvo but Saldivar begins to cage walk, gets back up and then gets on top of Montalvo. Saldivar is trying to pass Montalvo’s guard and then takes his back. Montalvo reverses and then gets on top of Saldivar. Saldivar gets back up and gets a takedown on Montalvo. Saldivar almost gets swept but he retains the top position. Saldivar lands some strikes as the round ends.

The fourth frame starts with a legkick from Saldviar and a headkick from Montalvo. Good body shot from Saldivar. Then another body shot from Saldivar lands. Saldivar goes on with a bodykick. Montalvo answers back with a punch and an overhand left that lands hard. Saldivar gets in an uppercut and a headkick. Montalvo connects with a punch and a jab. A big body shot from Montalvo hurts Saldivar. Montalvo hits a huge overhand left that sounds brutal. Saldivar tries to throw a punch and his shoulder goes out. Montalvo is awarded the win after Saldivar can’t continue. Official ruling was a TKO (shoulder injury) at 2:53 of the fourth round.

In the co-main event of the evening, light-heavyweight attractions stepped into the spotlight –Allen Nelson and Emanuel Garza. The fight begins and Nelson lands a big left that staggers Garza. Nelson follows that up with a legkick and continues to tag Garza. Both fighters land huge punches and Nelson stumbles a bit this time around. Garza moves forward trying to land a haymaker when Nelson counters him with a hard shot. Garza goes down and Nelson swarms him with hard punches on the ground, as the referee stops the fight, awarding it to Nelson via TKO.

In the lightweight division, Victor Martinez returned to the STFC cage to get back on track against James King. Both start by testing each other’s boxing skills. They start exchanging several punches, and Martinez gets the better of the exchanges early on. Martinez begins to see where King is leaving openings and starts catching King with some solid punches. King is stunned from a punch and goes for a takedown, but stumbles down to the mat. Martinez gets on him quickly and starts punching away, as King is on his knees. The referee steps in at 1:13 to stop the fight, awarding the victory to Martinez.

Raymond Banda and Travonne Hobbs faced off to see who would move up in the STFC ladder. They both land a punch as the fight opens, then Hobbs lands a bodykick. They clinch up against the cage. Banda lands some strikes on Hobbs from that position, and then takes him down. Hobbs is trying to set up a triangle but Banda recognizes that and doesn’t allow that to happen. Banda is working in some ground and pound from the guard. Banda lands some nice elbows before the positions change and they both get back up. Some good strikes from Hobbs after they are both up. Banda tries a legkick but gets countered by a big right hand from Hobbs as the round closes.

The second round begins, and Banda shoots in from far away to get a double leg takedown. Banda quickly gets side control then full mount. Was working towards an arm triangle but Hobbs reversed to get on top. Hobbs tries a guillotine choke during a scramble but Banda ends on top. Banda switches back and forth between being in Hobbs’ full guard and half guard, while he works in strikes as the round ends.

The final frame starts with a nice jab from Hobbs, and a legkick from Banda. Banda shoots in to press Hobbs against the fence and get another takedown. Hobbs is trying to get something off his back, shooting his legs up but can’t catch anything. Banda is working in some punches and elbows from inside of Hobbs’ guard. Banda gets up and starts hitting several legkicks on Hobbs, who is lying on his back. The referee stands them back up and Hobbs lands a few strikes as the fight comes to an end. The three judges awarded the fight to Banda via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

In the STFC featherweight division, Ruben Aguirre took on Michael Rodriguez. They clinch up hard against the cage. Aguirre lands some knees, before he gets put against the cage by Rodriguez, who lands some foot stomps. Aguirre goes for a takedown but Rodriguez ends up on top. While Aguirre tries to avoid being punched, Rodriguez catches him in a guillotine choke in mid-scramble to get the win at 1:36 of the first round.

James Tremble and Zachary Farrington fought in the second amateur bout of the evening. Farrington rushed in and gets a big takedown. He is on top, in the mount and is punching away. Tremble turns over and Farrington gets the rear naked choke and a tap at 1:36 of the very first round.

In amateur competition, Juan Gonzalez stepped into the cage against David Molina. Gonalez gets a pair of takedowns to start the bout. He moves in to side control before both get back up. Gonzalez gets another takedown, mounts, and starts issuing some ground and pound. Gonzalez goes for the armbar as the round ends. A right straight by Gonzalez causes a knockdown and he then goes for the rear naked choke for the win at 51 seconds into the second round.

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