Chavez vs Rubio: Official Poster for Feb 4 Fight in San Antonio, Texas

Here at TGS, we are fight fans. Period. It doesn’t matter if it taken place in a cage, a boxing ring or even on the mats- we enjoy it.

We admit we are more knowledgeable in MMA and pro-wrestling realm(Eddie could drown the earth in his knowledge of MMA and Pro-Wrestling) but as of this past year both Eddie’s and I have grown fond of the sweet science. Beyond all the corrupt promoters and home town cooking calls we see the beauty in Boxing. At its purest boxing is possibly one of the greatest sports witnessed but that’s at its purest which often has a gaps in fights. Just look at the last 2 or so HBO ppvs where a sucker punch lead to a KO and a big prize money fight was preserved for business. Boxing has done itself no favors and now add to the mix that Bob Arum of Top Rank is pushing aside the fight of the century to promote a fourth bout between Pacman and Marquez and that was even before Mayweather went to serve his 90 days in jail.

Boxing- its so fantastic but so terrible at the same time which leads me to the main item of discussion. Julio Chavez Jr (44-0-1, 31 KO), the song of the great Julio Cesar Chavez. Junior was mandated by the WBC to defend his title against Argentinian Sergio Martinez- if Junior refused the bout he would be stripped of the belt. Well, after that release was sent out by the WBC, a day later it was announced that Chavez Jr. will be able to take on another challenger, Rubio (53-5-1, 46 KO), with the condition being that the winner of the bout must face Martinez next.

Once again it looks like Chavez Jr was able to duck an opponent who poised a threat to his title and the golden egg he has in the lost column. It must be nice hiding behind daddy when the big boys come to fight.

The event will be shown live on HBO February 4 at 9:00pm.

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