Mayweather’s Jail Time Could Mean a Big Check For J.M Marquez

Would you care to see a fourth installment of Pacquiao vs Marquez? Well it might happen on Cinco de Mayo(May 5) as Mayweather is serving a 90 day stint in jail and could not be in fighting shape by the time he gets out and fights on May 5. Marquez has gone on record saying that he will not fight in Las Vegas again since he feels he has been a victim of bad judge scoring the last three times he fought in Las Vegas. Marquez has suggested Texas as potential spots for the May 5 bout noting that San Antonio and Houston would be great places to have the fight. Arlington will also be discussed but I don’t see the fight filling up the seats in Jerry’s world but with the right build up and promotion it could certainly happen.

San Antonio would be great location considering the day and the culture that surrounds the San Antonio area. The atmosphere on that day could very well being one of the best of all time with a proud Mexican coming to capture what he believes is his- a win over Pacquiao. Imagine the weigh-ins in front of the Alamo with a huge crowd watching and cheering for one of their own. I’m sure Pacman will have some followers but not to the extent of Marquez’s followers. I’m getting chills just thinking about the possibility of that happening.

Marquez earned 5 million for his November bout with Pacquiao so his pockets are about to get even fatter if the bout does happen. The fight really depends on what Marquez’s camp wants and how much he wants. Marquez has already presented an issue with the location of the fight due to the shaft that keeps being given to him in Las Vegas. Hopefully money won’t be that big of an issue that will prevent this fight from happening.

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