New Holiday: “Juan Manuel Marquez Day”

Photo Credit: Gabe Hernandez

Photo Credit: Gabe Hernandez

The end of the year is filled with holidays that bring people together. It starts with Thanksgiving, then we get several like Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa before we head to New Years Day.

Juan Manuel Marquez defeating Manny Pacquiao is definitely something that brought people together. It caused great sadness to the people of the Philippines. But it was a cause of celebration for many people, especially people in Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley.

Now, on December 20th, 2012, a new holiday was born in Hidalgo, TX. The mayor of Hidalgo, Martin Cepeda got on the microphone, presented the counter punching maestro Juan Manuel Marquez with the key to the city. Cepeda then said in Spanish that every December 20th will now be known as “Juan Manuel Marquez Day”.

It’s not every day that a new holiday is born. With this grand proclamation by an elected official, it is now an official holiday in the Valley. In the hearts and minds of boxing fans, Marquez earned it with a lifelong dedication to his craft.

“The first time I was here was in 2006 when I fought with the Filipino Jaca,” reminisced Juan Manuel Marquez in Spanish.

The bout that Marquez was referring to was a bout in which he defeated Jimrex Jaca in the ninth frame via KO at what was known then as the Dodge Arena.

“This triumph isn’t just mine, it’s also my families. It’s all the hard work I did with Nacho Beristain, and it’s also for all of you,” said Marquez in Spanish.

At this point, the crowd erupted into a loud Marquez chant.

Later on, a loud fan yelled for a fifth fight with the Filipino superstar.

“You want five? Yes or no,” said Marquez.

While the crowd roared in enthusiasm, Marquez noted in a lighthearted way how it was up to his wife if he were to fight again. He expressed his warm regards to being honored with this celebration rally.

This new holiday will now be celebrated every year from now on. Maybe not publicly, most definitely not by getting a day off from work. But it’ll bring people all together to treasure the craft of Marquez’s work. Hands are usually used to create great works of art. Some use their hands to write. Some to paint. Marquez uses his hands to counterpunch and create crafty combinations. He’s an artist inside the ring, creating beauty out of brutality. He’s a humble, proud man outside the ring. So remember to bust out your collection of Marquez fights and Mexican food on December 20th of every year to pay your respects with your close friends or family members.

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