Omar “El Panterita” Figueroa vs Abner Cotto on April 20


Figueroa knocking out Ramon Ayala.

Fresh off of his vicious KO victory over Henry Aurad in San Antonio on March 2, Omar Figueroa is ready to step into the ring against Abner Cotto on April 20. The fight is currently scheduled to be on the undercard of the big Canelo Alvarez vs Austin Trout event in San Antonio. It will be airing live on Showtime.

Steve Kim of Max Boxing described this as both a “fun match-up” and a “proper step” up for Figueroa. Figueroa overwhelms opponents with flurries and power punches, will he be able to do this against Miguel Cotto’s cousin? Will this be a huge moment for Weslaco’s “El Panterita”?


Click Here to  check out our interview that we did with Figueroa.

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