TGS Exclusive Interview: Luke Flores

Luke Flores, a second before he landed the knee that led to finishing Yail Eligio at STFC: Carnage.

Luke Flores, a second before he landed the knee that led to finishing Yail Eligio at STFC: Carnage.

On March 1st, STFC will return to the McAllen Convention Center for another showcase of mixed martial arts action. One of the key fights involves Mission’s Luke Flores (2-0) taking on Brownsville’s George Powery (1-3). Flores talked to us recently after his training session was over.

TGS: In your first pro fight, this past November at the McAllen Convention Center, how did it feel coming out to the cage in front of all those people?

Flores: It was the first time fighting in my hometown, (since) it’s like five minutes away from where I live. There was a lot of work that was put into this because I was in the amateurs for a long time. It was just a great feeling to fight in my hometown.

TGS: How did it feel to go on and get a win so quickly with a KO like that?

Flores: Training with the people that I train with, it was kind of expected from me. So I’m pretty happy it came out like that.

TGS: I read that you are from Mission, were you born and raised there?

Flores: Yes sir. I was born here in Mission.

TGS: Were you involved in any sports growing up in Mission?

Flores: Not really sir. I was kind of a, I wouldn’t say troublemaker, I would say I always kinda did my own thing. I did play sports, but not in high school.

TGS: What got you interested in MMA?

Flores: Just watching some old school mixed martial arts, so like PRIDE and UFC (events).

TGS: With your first professional fight, you won via KO (knee and strikes). This last time in Harlingen, you used a knee bar to walk away with the submission victory. Do you think you showed that you’re a threat both standing up and on the ground?

Flores: Yes sir, I think so. I’ve been training [at LX Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu] with my coach Sal Treviño. Now since I’m more involved in MMA, I’ve been training with Frank Trevño, Abram Torres and some other people.

TGS: How does it feel to be training with former STFC fighter, future UFC fighter Frank Treviño?

Flores:  I’ve always seen him as a mentor and hopefully some of his skills show up in my game

TGS: Can you tell us a bit about how your training camp is going for this upcoming fight?

Flores: Yes sir, this is going to be my fifth fight in thirteen months. I’ve been training non-stop for about a year. So my training has been going good. I’m probably going to take a little break after this one cause I’ve been hitting it hard. I think I deserve a little break until after the Summer.

TGS: When you train for an opponent, do you like to seek out footage of him, or do you leave that to your coaches?

Flores: I look him up, to see if they have some fights on YouTube, I check up their records to see who they have fought. I let my coaches know about the fighters, and we pretty much simulate training so I could get a feel for my opponent. I wouldn’t say I have a game plan because in practice, I train everything, everywhere.

TGS: The STFC lightweight title has been recently vacated, how many more wins do you think you have to string together before you get a shot at the title?

Flores: Right now I’m not even thinking about that belt. I’m more concerned about stacking up my record, and whatever my coaches think. If they want me to fight for the title, I’ll fight for it. If they want me to keep training and fighting, I’ll do that. It doesn’t matter. But to me, that STFC belt, I really want it!

TGS: Anything you would like to say to your opponent?

Flores: I’d like to thank George Powery for taking this fight with me. I believe this is my fourth opponent, some other things happened with the other guys (that I was scheduled to fight). So I’m pretty happy that I get to fight on March 1st. So I’m really happy about that.

TGS: Any final words to the fans who are going to be in attendance at the McAllen?

Flores: I hope they have a good time. I’m planning on putting on a great show. Striking, jiu-jitsu, pretty much anywhere it goes, I plan on putting on a show for everybody.

TGS: Cool, pos, I really want to thank you very much for the interview, I really appreciate.

Flores: Thank you sir.

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