HERO FC – “Best of the Best IV”



Tomorrow night HERO FC will be starting off the new year with their 4th installment of “Best of the Best IV” on January 16 at in Brownsville at the Jacob Brown Auditorium. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this event being inside after last year’s disaster. Headlining the card are three of the promotion’s champions who look to not only retain the 12 pounds of gold around their waist, but most importantly they are also fighting to keep their contract. The card is scheduled to host 10 fights that will have some local fighters, mixed with some of the top prospects in the state.

Tickets are on sale right now for $25 and will be $30 at the door. Tickets can be purchased here and from the looks of things, a PPV for the show can also be purchased. I’m curious to what platform JC Productions is using to stream the event and also if its going to hold up. Most importantly, do people even know this exists? I ask because it’s not a bad idea, especially for the people, like me, who really don’t want to make the trip to Brownsville but do want to see the fights. I’ve seen a few live stream ppvs, most recently a rap battle that was backed by FilmOn and it was nothing short of a mess. The down time between fights and the long intermissions isn’t exactly going to make a enjoyable experience for the viewer at home but for $15, you really can’t argue against it if the stream works smoothly(which it probably won’t). Maybe they are going to air some of the Charlie Clark Nissan commercials during dead time to promote the “Heavyweight” sponsor or the other sponsors of the show to combat viewer fatigue.


Fight Card

Daniel Duran vs Juan Pina

Guillermo Gonzalez vs Julio Cantu

Clark Adams vs Travis Cox

Gilbert Urbina vs Roldan Abundis

Nick Bella vs Isaac Matamoros

Michael Saucedo vs Cesar Del Angel

Jacob Capelli vs Alex Hernandez

Brandon Farran vs Hayward Charles

D.J Fuentes vs Ray Rodriguez

Jamall Emmers vs Rey Trujillo

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