This Saturday: J&C Promotions Present “Best of The Best”

This Saturday night three fighters will walk away as the newly crowned king in their respective weight divisions and a cool $50,000 contract. Notice the word “contract”. There will be no big check handed out to the winners but instead a monthly stipend of $2,500 will go to the fighters to assist them in their training. If a fighter loses, then J & C Productions will have the right to terminate the contract.  One thing I wonder about with this concept is : what is the promotion getting off of this? I find it hard to believe that someone will be wiling to invest 150k without any type of return on the investment. The only think I can think of is that the promotion is banking on one of the winning fighters to get a contract in the UFC so that the promotion can get a cut of the fighters purse. Maybe they want to start managing fighters and they want to use this strategic tactic as its building block, which isn’t a bad idea at all.

Regardless, this Saturday should feature some great fights with all 6 fighters competing for the contract putting in it all on the line for a once in a lifetime opportunity.



The Best of the Best – Fight Card 

Location: White Wing Stadium Harlingen, Texas

Tickets: $30, or you can and win some via local radio stations…they are giving them away almost hourly.

  1. 170 lbs.: Ryan Spann (4-0) vs, Randy McCarty (2-2) * TITLE
  2. 145 lbs.: Cody Williams (7-4) vs. David Fuentes (8-9) * TITLE
  3. 155 lbs.: Brett Ewing (4-1) vs. Jamall Emmers (4-5) * TITLE
  4. 145 lbs.: Booker Arthur (3-3) vs. Luis Vega (9-4)
  5. 145 lbs.: Jose Flores (1-0) vs. Justin Salinas (1-1)
  6. 145 lbs.: David Salazar (1-4) vs. Sam Guardiola (1-1)
  7. 265 lbs.: Michael Rosenberg (0-5) vs. Joshua Strodtbeck (0-0)
  8. 185 lbs.: Freddy Ramos vs. Edward Wittern (0-0)
  9. 145 lbs.: Joel Scott (0-1) vs. Miguel Saenz (1-2)


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