“Pride of The Valley 2” Quick Results

Tonight J.C Productions put on an exciting 2nd show at the Pharr Events Center only problem is that nobody saw it!  The ones that were in attendance saw a great night of fights, a few WTF moments and plenty of finishes. And now without further delay, the results.


Pride of the Valley 2 Fight Card:

Main Event: Cody Williams vs D’Angelo Vieira – This fight did not last too long since Vieira suffered a very disappointing loss by injury. During the first few minutes of round 1 Vieira was forced to tap due to a separated knee. The injury was so bad he carted off on a stretcher.

Co-Main Event: DJ Fuentes vs Gilbert Jimenez(No Decision) – This fight went 3 rounds and was stopped after DJ Fuentes landed one of his patent spinning back kicks that knocked out Jimenez cold in the  late 3rd round. Absoultly fantastic KO.. The unfortunate part of this fight was that DJ, overwhelmed with joy, thought he was Jose Aldo and jumped over the cage and into the crowd. TDLR quickly stepped in and DQ’ed Fuentes for leaving the ring area before the official decision had been rendered. After the fight Fuentes was visibly heartbroken over his DQ but I don’t think everyone in attendance, all 100 or so, will ever forget that knockout.

Leroy Martinez vs Matt Mooney(Unanimous Decision)– This was a fight that bad some bad blood going in and it did not let anyone in the house down. This fight had some great exchanges and some great heart from both men.  After the fight, Mooney was drained to the point of the Doctors contemplating taking him to the hospital.
Ryan Spann vs Brandon Atkins (1st submission)- Atkins started the fight off with some great leg kicks but as soon as the men got in a clinch, Spann was able to secure the neck of Atkins and put him to sleep. Spann showed great class here by gently laying down the submitted Atkins in order to prevent further injury since the ref did not see Atkins go to sleep. Both of these guys showed great promise and I look forward to seeing them in a Valley MMA event soon.

Raymond Banda vs Brandon Bradshaw(TKO)– I’m not too sure if this was a showcase fight for Banda with Bradshaw being thrown to the lions or what but it was very clear from the get go that Banda was superior in this battle. Banda managed to knockdown Bradshaw 2 times in the matter of 10 seconds. The first knockdown was almost stopped by the ref but as soon as Bradshaw hit the canvas he bouned right up to take another beating.

Alex Hernandez vs Jamall Emmers(SD)- This fight was such a treat to see. Without a doubt I my fight of the night. Both men displayed great striking but what was so pleasing to see was the great wrestling each man had. If it wasn’t for Emmers suplexing Hernandez 5 times in the 2nd round this fight could have easily gone to Hernandez. Here is another set of fighters that everyone should keep an eye out for.

Brandon Ruiz vs David Salazar(TKO)– Salazar was taking this fight off a weeks notice which is greatly admirable but he just didn’t have enough time to train for Ruiz who was built like a brick house. Ruiz overpowered Salazar with his hands and forced Salazar to tap to strikes in the first round at the 37 second mark. There could be a 2nd stanza of this fight since Salazar did request one so he could have a proper training camp but you have to give it up for a guy who steps in to fight.

Ray Rodriguez vs Brett Ewing(RNC)- Ewing had little problem taking out Rodriguez and finished him in 1:27 of the 1st round.

Rene Gonzalez vs George Powery(Guuillotine)- Not much of a fight but that is not to say it wasn’t a good way to start the show. Powery finally captured his elusive first win after falling in his first two bouts and looks to carry this momentum into the next local MMA show.

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