BJJ World Champion RODOLFO VIEIRA Thinks BJJ Champions Should Get Paid

“I don’t think it is fair to train as hard as we do … dedicate our lives and, when we win, we receive a medal, an article or a photo in a magazine – It is not enough. We deserve much more than that.”
– Rodolfo Vieira, 2011 HW and Absolute IBJJF World, Pan and Word Pro Cup Champion

This cry reminds me of the service industry people who complain about tipping. No one is making you dedicate your life to jiu jitsu. If you want some money, get some sponsors that will pay you to wear their gear so when your picture or article is shown you can promote their product. And correct me if I’m wrong but don’t most BJJ world champions hold seminars due to their acclaim of being a BJJ champion? Doesn’t it bring more prestige and more money to the school if you happen to be a BJJ world champion?

Also,Jiu jitsu isn’t exactly filling arenas around the world with paying people to see two guys be inactive for an undetermined period of time. As much as I love the art of grappling there is no way the average person is going to pay money to see it. There would need to be some serious modifications to the sport in order to bring an entertainment value that people are willing to pay to see.

If Mr. vieira beleives that its unfair to not have a monetary prize for winning maybe he should consider switching his dedication to something that will be more profitable or maybe he can try and market himself better like the Gracies did.

With that said, please don’t choke me out if you ever see me Mr. Vieria.

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