UFC on FUEL Thoughts

  • Ellenberger vs Sanchez was what I thought it would be, a great war. While watching this fight, it dawned on me that I’ve been watching Sanchez fight for seven years now. It’s amazing how long of a run he’s had, how many wars he’s been in and how entertaining he’s always been. He’s a character and the sport of MMA should be happy to have someone like him around. Ellenberger clearly won the first two rounds, scoring that great knockdown in the first round and then pounding Sanchez badly via elbows on the ground in the second. But even though Ellenberger was clearly ahead, Sanchez has that attitude and was able to come close to finishing Ellenberger in the final frame. That was the peak of the fight for me, I thought Sanchez would be able to get it done when he had Ellenberger’s back. I wish it was a five round fight, maybe Sanchez could have continued to worn out Ellenberger to walk away with the victory. But we’ll never know, and Ellenberger was the rightful winner in the end. I hope to see Condit-Ellenberger II for the interim championship.
  • Nice finish from Stefan Struve, not the best fight or anything, decent enough fight. But looks like Struve has improved his striking and I’m happy to see him get the win.
  • Simpson-Markes was disappointing in a sense that I expected much more out of Simpson. He got a great knockdown in the first, but didn’t do anything in the last two rounds. Markes is better than I thought, but still a dissapointing bout.
  • Cool finish by Miocic. Not sure if Miocic deserves the hype he has been getting, he did get rocked by De Fries, but he should be a good enough fighter for the heavyweight division.
  • TJ Dillashaw looked awesome out there, can’t remember the last time we saw two 10-8 rounds in a row. It would have been nice to see Dillashaw get the finish, but Watson showed some durability. Great performance from Dillashaw.
  • Ivan Menjivar is the man, that was one of the best rounds of the year and then he name drops Kazushi Sakuraba. Menjivar is the type of fighter that everyone should love. Crazy submissions, flying maneuvers, spinning strikes, and lots of heart. He’s so awesome, and John Albert has improved his game too.
  • Jonathan Brookins’ knock out of Vagner Rocha deserved the knockout of the night in my opinion. That was really cool how he finished Rocha, didn’t know he had that sort of finishing power.
  • Kuivanen vs Salas was pretty dull, decent win for Salas.
  • Tim Means’ striking looked really good against Magalhaes. Great knees, great strikes from Means. Good performance.

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