Former UFC Fighter Houston Alexander Arrested For Boxing His Son

We here at TGS do not condone any type of child abuse but I find what Alexander did a good example of discipline. The boy was being punished for lying to his daddy- you never lie to daddy, especially if you are living under his roof. Also, he gave his son a fair chance to not only defend himself but fight back. Most parents just pull out the belt and start whipping away. Well, that’s if the parents even discipline.

KMTV News Omaha

Police ticketed popular MMA fighter Houston Alexander for child abuse after the 39-year-old became upset with his 16-year-old and made him box with him.

Police reports say officers were called to a home near 44th and Maple for a domestic disturbance. The older Alexander told them he was having trouble with his teen son, who was “having explicit sexual contact on Facebook with some unknown females.” The 16-year-old reportedly lied and “made him very upset.”

According to police reports, “Alexander then retrieved boxing gloves and told his son, ‘If you are going to lie to me, then we are going to box.'” The two reportedly boxed in the basement. Officers describe the teen as having a “slight bloody nose and pain to his right side.”

Alexander was cited for misdemeanor child abuse.

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