Hendricks Looks Impressive, Diaz Lassos Cerrone and Alistair Ends The Career of Brock Lesnar

Here are the results of last nights UFC 141. I was able to be one for the first 25,000 Xbox user to download the UFC app and that afforded me to get the UFC 141 PPV event for free. There was plenty of outcry on Dana’s Facebook about how the app wasn’t working but I was able to view the entire event right when it started. Regardless, it was a great move by UFC to make gamers and people aware of the UFC app. It’s just another avenue of exposure and revenue for the Zuffa. I personally would never use it again since the quality resembled a pirated quality of stream but its good for them since they will be adding a library of their fights. I also saw the weigh-ins on the XBOX and that quality seemed to be a bit more better.

Now on to the Fights:

Hettis dominated Pham with a aggressive and dominating performance. Hettis just needs some improvement on his submission skills and he will then be a force to be reckoned with. Just ask Pham. In the second fight of the
night, The Janitor Vladimir Matyushenko got his clock cleaned when he ran straight into Alexander Gustafsson fist. From the start of the fight you can see that the Janitor just didn’t looked right. His punches were stiff with no pop and he had no type of movement- it was like he was waiting to get knocked out. He kind of disappointed me.

Coming in at clean up, Johnny Hendricks made a great case for title contention with his left hand bomb that he threw at Fitch’s face. The sound the punch made still rings in my head. This was one great knockout and I would expect the Zuffa production staff to include this knockout in future montage promotional packages. For the record, this fight lasted 12 spectacular seconds.

The semi-main, oh man, the semi-main event was so tremendous. The entire rivalry between “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone and 209’s own, Nate Diaz. Can I tell you something real quick? I love the Diaz brothers. They play their roles perfectly. They have a mentality of a gangster and all gangsters know one thing- money. They always have a reason for their rhyme. They even expose themselves when they tell everybody at the end of the fight that its just for television. Hmmm, isn’t that pro-wrestling? Nah, no crossover whats so ever between the two. Anyways, the fight consisted of Diaz completely displaying the 209 boxing style of just picking apart an opponent. The baffled Cerrone only really did one thing in the fight by sweeping Diaz every chance he could. It was a one-sided affair that I hope plays out again because I really enjoyed this fight.

And now for the main event. By the way, did you feel the earth move around 11pm central time? If not you weren’t the only one. The masses expected to see a brawl of two giants but what we got was a live kick to Brock and then a retirement from Mr. Lesnar himself and a sad day for me.


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