Strikeforce and Bellator Thoughts

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals

  • I remember when I saw Daniel Cormier competing against Jeff Monson, and I thought Cormier needed a lot of work. He has developed so much in such a short amount of time. He kept up a tough pace for over five rounds and destroyed Barnett’s face with really tight short punches and great ground and pound elbows. Barnett went for his beloved leglock at one point, but Cormier was quick and good at defending. Also, Barnett deserves credit for going five rounds, not many heavyweights can go five rounds and eat that many shots. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cormier, at some point, becomes a better fighter than Cain Velasquez.
  • Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson was awesome! Easy fight of the year candidate, might be the best fight of the year between high caliber fighters. First round, could have gone either way. If 10-10 rounds were more accepted, that would be a perfect time to use such a score card. But since they aren’t, I would give Melendez the first frame. Melendez took the next two rounds by outstriking Thomson. Round 4 was for Thomson, he landed a great punch that hurt Melendez and also took Melendez’s back in a brilliant moment (Thomson had used a slick trip to get Melendez to the ground). Thomson also took Round 5, had better striking and also took Melendez down again to finish off the fight on top. Excellent fight. This fight is a reminder that Josh Thomson is a serious high level fighter, it’s a grand shame that he has so many injuries to deal with on a regular basis. I was totally cool with Gilbert Melendez winning the fight, but I also don’t mind that people thought Josh Thomson won. Close great fight.
  • Rafael “Feijão” Cavalcante looked awesome, hit a great placed knee and choked out Mike Kyle in quick fashion. Great, great performance from the Brazilian.
  • Fun fight, not much to say except that Chris Spang hit some nasty knees and punches on Nah-Shon Burrell. Good stoppage.
  • Rest of the card results can be read here
Bellator 69
  • Spang had Falcao hurt in the opening round, but Falcao quickly recovered. Don’t remember much but Falcao deserved to win overall.
  • Karl Amoussou got his cup strap broken! Referee Jason Herzog was asking if any fighter in the back could lend Amoussou a cup! They finally fixed it. This was a hell of a fight. Amoussou beat Rickels badly in the first round. I slightly gave Rickels the 2nd and 3rd rounds, as he made a great comeback and hurt a gassed Amoussou with better placed punches. Unfortunately, judges gave Amoussou the fight. Cool exciting fight.
  • I have Megumi Fujii the 1st and 3rd rounds. 1st was due to a close armbar attempt and Aguilar not doing much of note. 3rd was due to Fujii having top control for a good portion of the round. 2nd was clearly for Aguilar as she oustriked Fujii. Wish Fujii would have gone to the ground in the 2nd round. Judges gave it to Aguilar, sadly, Fujii’s only two career losses are robberies in my book.
  • Wagner tapped out to an Achilles lock to Mark Holata in one of the weirdest endings we’ve seen in a while.
  • Full card results can be found here.

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