UFC on FX III Thoughts

  • It’s interesting how one little thing changes history. If the commission had done their job correctly, we would have seen a 4th round of McCall-Johnson back in March. Johnson was struggling, perhaps gassed, and McCall was totally having his way with him in the 3rd round. If a 4th round would have happened, McCall would have probably won that round and gone on to fight Joseph Benavidez for the inaugural UFC flyweight title. But the commission screwed up, and in the last few months, Johnson made the adjustments needed to become a better fighter. Johnson had sharper footwork and boxing, that he used to decisively beat McCall last Friday night. He was too quick for McCall, he even took him down in the 1st round. McCall did enough to win the 2nd frame, but by the 3rd round, he was desperate for takedowns and Johnson avoided McCall’s wrestling and oustriked him. It was a great performance from Johnson, but it was dissapointing to see McCall not perform as well as he did in March. A year ago, we all thought we would eventually see Benavidez-Johnson for the flyweight title. Then that quickly changed after how McCall performed in March, and it changed to a majority of people thinking Benavidez-McCall would be the first flyweight title fight. But Johnson looked fantastic, and the originally thought of fight is going to happen after all.
  • Erick Silva is awesome. Brenneman is a really good grappler, he’s really aggressive at trying to get the takedown. He’s like a lower level Jon Fitch, but still pretty good. Silva avoided the takedown, landed some great strikes, then choked him out. Beautiful performance from Silva, excited to see where he goes.
  • Two longtime journeymen, and it was a fun fight for what it was. Neer was doing his best journeyman Diaz impression, and Pyle was actually hurt from some of Neer’s best shots. But one small mistake from Neer was enough for Pyle to land a clean shot that put Neer out. Fantastic finish.
  • Wineland has improved so much since he was getting easily choked out by Rani Yahya. There was a time where it seemed a given that Wineland was going to be taken down. Faber and Benavidez both struggled to take him down but they eventually did. Jorgensen briefly had moments, but Wineland quickly popped back up and landed brutal shots on Jorgensen. I think I would even give Wineland a 10-8 first round. The final knock out shot in the 2nd round, which was beautiful, was pretty impressive considering Jorgensen had never been finished before. If this fight where to take place in WEC in 2009, I imagine Jorgensen would have choked him out via guillotine. Times have changed, and it’s nice to see Wineland improve so much. He’s a better fighter than he was when he was the WEC bantamweight kingpin.

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