UFC on FOX 4 Thoughts

  • Shogun and Vera was the most entertaining main event we’ve had on the FOX era. Vera did much better than I thought he would, and I’m glad to say that he delivered a fun fight. Having said that, Shogun looks to be nowhere near the fighter he was in his series with Machida. I’m sure the fights he’s had since that series, the beatdown from Jones, the insane war with Henderson, and this competitive fight with Vera have taken a lot out of him. He destroyed Griffin last year, but Griffin has had a huge fall from grace. Shogun still has insane power that could be an equalizer in a lot of fights, so that will always be a great asset to have. Anyways, I’m glad he won a very entertaining fight on a FOX card.
  • Machida is so graceful and stylized. No one comes close to capturing what Machida brings to the table. Bader had nothing for Machida, and that knockout was one of the best KO’s of the year. This finish is another moment in a great highlight reel that includes him knocking out Silva, him murdering Evans, and the epic front kick to Couture. I don’t think Machida beats Jones, but if anyone  has a small chance, it’s Machida.
  • It’s really nice to see Jamie Varner back in a Zuffa promotion. The first time I saw him was against Donald Cerrone in an epic title fight that had a controversial ending. Since that fight, he became the most amusing WEC heel ever. It seemed something always amusing happened when Varner fought.  When Varner fought Henderson, he complained, claiming that he came to fight while Henderson came to grapple. When Varner fought Shalorus, he beat Shalorus in the eyes of many despite being kicked in the balls many times (and also suffering a broken bone), and the judges ruled it a draw. He then fought Cerrone, which featured Cerrone acting like Austin and treating Varner like the person he despised the most during the fight. He was a fun guy to watch in the WEC, so I was ecstatic when he beat Barboza. His fight with Lauzon was awesome, Varner was going after Lauzon with some nasty punches to the head and body. Lauzon hung in there, even took Varner’s back at one point in the 2nd. I thought Varner was winning the fight when he went for a takedown in the 3rd, which lead to a scramble which flowed right into a Lauzon triangle choke. Great finish to a great fight. Lauzon’s always tricky on the ground and he really earned this win.
  • Great to see Mike Swick come back after being away for so long (around 2 1/2 years). He struggled a bit in the 1st, but that finish in the 2nd round was one of the great finishes of the year. Very happy for Swick.

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